Katie Holmes to Join Sex and the City Sequel?

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The wife of Tom and the mother of Suri Cruise may be joining the cast of the Sex and the City movie sequel, if some recent rumors are to be believed.

Thankfully, the star is not planning to replace Jennifer Hudson as Sarah Jessica Parker's lovestruck personal assistant, nor hooking up with Mr. Big.

We hope.

Word is she's wanted to play a high-powered young businesswoman ready to go toe-to-toe with Kim Cattrall's take-no-prisoners Samantha Jones.

Katie and Suri Pic

Katie and Suri Cruise on her new movie set. [Photo: Fame Pictures]

Katie most recently "performed" on So You Think You Can Dance last week. We use that term very loosely, as there was little dancing and no singing in likely the most overhyped, overrated guest appearance in that show's history.

Holmes is also filming the new movie Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark. Do you think she'd be a good addition to the Sex and the City movie sequel?


i want to join you


I think since Katie Holmes and Kristen Davis act and look similar
Katie could play as Charlotte's(Kristen Davis)long lost sister.


Can they please CUT Jennifer Hudson out of SATC. She was horrible and her character was unnecessary.


She doesn't have the chops for it. Sorry, Katie, I always liked you, and your roles in Pieces of April and Thank You For Smoking were fun, but it is hard to see you fitting in with that cast.


Katie Holmes should stick with what she knows best: being a personal slave to Tom Cruise and a mommy to their spawn. I do feel badly for the kid. First of all she's stuck with a dumb name, and top of that, with parents who don't engender much respect in this world. Maybe they should stay within the bounds of the Scientology Freak World.


NO.She's awful. That fake whispering voice...... don't ruin the sequel!


NO NO NO!!! Katie is NOT an actress or a DANCER!! Katie should learn to be a MOM!!!!


She'd be great for that! I can totally see her in SATC! Clothing is having an amazing sale on all of their summer clothes! This includes t-shirts, jeans,tank tops, halter tops, bathing suits, shorts, pants, capris and more! Prices are only $20, $25 $35 and $39! Now is a great time to stock up on clothing for next year and you can still get some use out of them this summer as well - it’s only the end of July! http://www.fitmyfit.com/list.a...


Is Katie Holmes trying to avoid her rabid, zealot Scientologist husband or is she contemplating jumping ship completely? She's been leaping from one thing to the next like a woman obsessed... Anything has got to be better than being around TommyGirl.


She'd be great for that! I can totally see her in SATC!


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