Ju'Not Joyner, Former American Idol Contestant, Says Show is Rigged

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Ju'Not Joyner made it to the final 36 contestants on season eight of American Idol.

This gives the aspiring singer a unique perspective into the country's top-rated show, one he used to either exploit for personal gain this week; or speak the truth about how the competition is rigged by producers.

In an online chat with fellow semifinalists such as Felicia Barton and Kendall Beard, Joyner went off on the series.

He declared "it's a fixed thing if I ever saw one," and made the following accusations:

  • American Idol producers labeled him a "troublemaker" because he questioned the show's contract (which he referred to as a "slavetract");
  • He was cut from the show due to his concerns over this contract;
  • The show makes contestants use the same lawyer;
  • Producers had it out for him after he refused to let them highlight his background on air: "They wanted me to put that out to the world and expose my personal business for ratings. I wouldn't do it," he said.

Most damning of all, Joyner says the results of American Idol are fixed. He said that Kris Allen is a talented musician, but:

"The producers know who they want and they slant it to reflect that. They fix it in a way that makes you surprised but it's still manipulated. Think about it...ADAM, ADAM, ADAM, then...Kris....SURPRISE SMITHCHES!!!!"

In conclusion, Joyner scoffs at the notion that Idol is a regular talent show, writing in the chat:

"It's a reality show with writers!! We're all actors. All these shows have writers that guide the public opinion. The Hills,
Real World. All of them. Do you think a billion-dollar enterprise is subject to the whim of the public?"

The Hollywood Gossip take: Joyner's comments, while seemingly inflammatory and newsworthy, are really not that groundbreaking to anyone that watches American Idol.

It's clear the judges make comments based on which performer they want to see move on, often at the expense of one individual's singing ability for another's marketing potential. It's also obvious the show focuses on interesting backstories, as the constant mentioning of Danny Gokey's wife's tragic passing proved this season.

But so what? This is a TV show. It needs viewers and ratings.

At the end of the day, Allison Iraheta, Allen and Adam Lambert were the three best singers in the competition. Almost every season, there's little to complain about at the end.

Until Joyner can provide some sort of proof that the show is truly rigged, we're chalking his comments up to bitterness over his placement. What do you think?


This is my son. We worked on his music his entire life and then had to subject himself to being humiliated and sing live when he knew he was already cut for not sighning a contract. By the way, Junot as a genius level IQ and is married to an attorney, He knows exactly what he's talking about and so do we as his family. I am proud of him for standing up and not selling his soul to a machine that chews you up and spits you out. You rock JR.


i do believe that there is an element of truth in this accusation. you see, the company would like to keep their family oriented image and chose kris allen over adam lambert to win the season 8. because adam is gay although he is unbelivably talented, they wanted to keep the tradition. i would say that american idol should change their title to personality contest,(mr. or ms. nice)and gays are not encourage to audition.


I beleive the young man and it's unfortuanate what happens behind closed doors in Hollywood it is what it is. I HATE the fact that it's always some simple minded Muthfucker who has to talk about race and call someone out of there name. You nothing but some simple cowards who will never show there true face in front of a black king. Keep typing behind ya keyboards ya internet thugs. You know what it is in the street punk...


He is telling the truth and we should be happy that he came out with this. AI should stop deceiving the people into thinking that the winner won by votes.


I dont care if he came out to get attention. What we care about is the truth, and I believe he is telling us the truth! And I really dont like it when AI deceives us into thinking that the winner won by votes. They should have just said that the winner was judged by them. Period!


Yahoo did not conduct the online chat, AI Now did. Link to the right article @ www.idol-thoughts.com/talent


Of course the judges manipulate the viewers or try to "guide" them. But I generally agree with them. I do think Adam was too hot to handle, so somehow Kris won. Adam's superiority in every single respect was evident throughout the season and is still evident on the tour. I would like to hear more about the contract required by AI. It's apparently quite restrictive, but none of us civilians know the details. AI is a terrific venue for a truly talented artist who has the whole package like Adam. But the singers must be willing to compromise. To be given the opportunity to perform for millions of people, you have to give a little. Ju'Not apparently resented invasion of his privacy and resented other parts of the show. It's too bad he was unwilling to bend a little. Can you imagine Ju'Not the issues and difficulties Adam and his family encountered. Yet his talent transcended all.


My son is telling the truth. He is a very smart young man with an attorney for a wife, I think he knows what he is talking about. He killed that Plain white tee's sone and everyone knows it. Fuck the machine


All I know is there is some funny business with the voting, I don't know if it's illegal text messaging or what, but there is NO doubt in my mind Adam should have won, hands down and he's proving it on the road when the decibel skyrockets every time he appears on stage and his merchandise sells out every single show, unlike Kris. I do think Kris needed the title more than Adam, but who cares, I don't plan on watching next season.... I've found my rock God from the planet Fierce = Adam!!


Please do not tell me that Allison or Kris are in the same league as Adam. I was at the Idol tour Venue in Sunrise last night and it was all about Adam. He was the show. Adam merchandise out sold all of the others combined. Adam bedazzled everyone while Kris was booed and 20% of the audience left when Kris sang or tried to sing. Adam's loss on Idol shows that the show is fixed.

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