Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin: Going Strong!

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Putting to rest any rumors that he may be moving on to Kate Major, Jon Gosselin and tag-team lovin' girlfriend Hailey Glassman spent the day in Harriman State Park, the second largest state park in New York.

They were seen hugging each other and holding hands. Hailey grabbed a flower and put it behind Jon's ear. He also pushed her on a swing.

Make-Out Session

Apparently they are trying to be the new Spencer and Heidi.

Later, Hailey and Jon lunched at Rocco's Restaurant in NYC. The inseparable couple was spotted leaving with pizza boxes and doggy bags.

The two had not been photographed together since their St. Tropez vacation the previous weekend. Jon returned to the U.S. before Hailey Glassman to resume filming new episodes of his TLC reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Which is now more like Jon Minus Kate Plus a 22-Year-Old Ditz and 8 Kids Who Will Be Scarred For Life When They Learn What the Internet Is.

On Saturday, Jon met Kate Gosselin and their children for a photo shoot. Nice to see they still share a special bond with gobs of money the kids.

Later that night, he dined with Star Magazine reporter Kate Major, sparking rumors that they were dating. But it was just a friendly meeting - or a new interview in which Jon throws Kate Gosselin under the bus completely.

In the meantime, Jon and Hailey are definitely going strong. Which is good, as supposedly, Jon Gosselin is engaged to this party animal nut job.

Kate Gosselin is currently at their home in Pennsylvania with the kids, most likely tearing chunks of her reverse mullet weave out of her skull.


I think john is a piece of shit and kate looks better then his new girl friend.John deserve ever thing he gets I hope nothing good for him


Is it possible that Jon is really oblivious to how disgusting his behaviour is? Those poor kids, especially the two eldest seeing their Dad behave this way and with such a trashy woman as well. Maybe he should write his own book about how to make your kids lose respect for you. Pitiful.


This is so STUPID; Jon is just plain DUMB; how his comments about not wanting his kids to think bad about him, when they are old enough to Goggle his name? Well,ya dip-shit; you just did it! I would be embarrased to be any relation to him. Feel sorry for Kate; she gets the short end of the stick from everyone. They should just end the show completely and move one with their lives. The kids are going to grow up and resent them.


I think they have the right to do anything that they want for the childrens safe, its good money!!!!!!!! children have anything that they want and have a great mother. go Kate you are better that those Putas....


The Gosselins are the East Coast's DIRTY LAUNDRY. The West Coast has Octo-womb. They are all disgusting lowlifes who whored their children for BUCKS. So Slimy and Sleazy!! So they all belong on TLC, The Tabloid Channel, but I'm not watching them!


Jon & Kate met for a photo shoot? Oh Pleeze! They're pretending to be a happily married couple to make more money off of those poor kids? It's ALL BS, disgusting and pitiful! Just take the stupid show off already and don't insult our intelligence!!!!!!!

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