Jon Gosselin: Spotted with Kate Major

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Has Jon Gosselin moved on from Hailey Glassman to another woman?

The reality TV father of eight had dinner with a mystery blonde in New York at the Upper East Side's Accademia di Vino on Saturday evening.

Is Jon now cheating on Hailey, just as he is rumored to have cheated on Kate with Glassman and Deanna Hummel as his marriage crumbled?

It doesn't look like it. At least from what we can tell, his motives are different. The mystery woman is Kate Major, senior reporter for Star.

Aww yeah. You know what that means. Kate Gosselin is getting thrown under the bus hard in the new issue of the celebrity gossip tabloid.

Kate Major, Jon Gosselin
Best Kate Gosselin Pic

As Kate Gosselin rides around on a bike with training wheels, Jon and "journalist" pal Kate Major may be planning a hatchet job. [Photos: Splash News Online]

No publicists were on hand to regulate what was said and put an official stamp on the story. Hopefully, that means off-color accounts of Hailey Glassman and her penchant for booze, coke and tag-team action.

Looks like Jon has finally realized that it's time to get his side of the story out in a publication that will print whatever the hell it wants and regards facts as mere suggestions won't hold back on the juicy details.

The dinner did not appear to be a date, but Kate Major "was flirting shamelessly with Jon," according to Us Weekly. Major told the N.Y. Daily News: "I have no comment. There was no date. Jon and I are just friends."


You know, when I used to watch this show I actually liked Jon Gosselin. Seems to me he took the easy way out. If his marriage to Kate was so unbearable why not try marriage counseling before bailing? The stakes (8 small children) are way too high to be doing what he's doing now, which is lashing out with a vengeance by acting like a carefree playboy, dating party girl losers like Hailey Glassman, and generally making a complete a** out of himself. I hope like hell he gets a grip, realizes what a huge mistake he's made, and gets his life together. Something tells me once he's had his fill of Hailey types, he'll have nothing but regret for doing what he did to his family.


I agree with Brooks, but seems he got fired from his somewhat insignifcant underpaying job! He is clueless, selfish, mindless with no looks, character, personality. Kate is better off without him. I just hope that the courts protect the children from him blowing the money on his toys, drugs and bimbo's.


Jon never made an adequate living; they were often dependant upon their church's charity and good will after the births of the six. Then, mostly due to Kate's imagination, hard work and savvy efforts were able to support their family in style, he seems to have decided to bail, hollering "bitch" as his excuse to spend money and buy toys and live the single rich guy life he never really earned! He could have been a true partner and offered ideas for their show, even participated more in the daily chores...even kept his somewhat insignifcant underpaying job!


I think that John took the easy way out. it seems to me that he is living the single life and enjoying it a little too much too soon without any regard to his family,s feelings. I mean they just seperated, c'mon dude! you really need to set a better example for your children. Dee

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