Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman Engagement: Sort of Confirmed!

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Is Jon Gosselin really engaged to Hailey Glassman?

While neither half of this controversial couple has confirmed this report, a jeweler in St. Tropez claims he did, in fact, sell Jon a diamond ring.

“Yes, we sold Jon Gosselin the engagement ring that he gave to his fiancée,” Edouard Nahum told In Touch. “It was a great pleasure for us to sell this ring."

Jon G.
Jon Gosselin Engaged?

Jon Gosselin might be engaged. Send this role model your congratulations today!

Gosselin, of course, announced his separation from annoying wife Kate last month.

Since then, he's gone public with his relationship to Glassman, whose former friends and classmates claim is a bisexual, fame-starved coke head.


Jon, what the fuck? You are being such a terrible father. In Paris with your fiancee who has been in jail for marijuana? While Kate is at home with your children. I admired both of you... until you cheated, and everything got out of hand. Now I admire your ex-wife, Kate, and your kids. You should be ashamed. Instead of getting married and getting laid, you should be at home with your kids, and MAYBE planning on getting married in about 5-7 years. We all know you want a 20 year old. You and Hailey will probably divorce when she is 30, and you will go after a 20 year old yet again. If I were Kate, I would get a restraining order, and would not let you or your drunk ass girlfriend around the kids.
Kate, may everything go well. God Bless You and Cara, Mady, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Joel, Collin, and Aiden.


Jon, you are a real LOSER. You should be with your kids, not hanging around with women like yourself.


I feel that after all them years of marriage and commitment, and having been blessed with that many kids that jon should have been a little more responcible with the way he handled things. He's not only setting a bad example, but he's not acting his age about any of it. I was devastated to hear about the seperation, I know on the show jon never looked happy and made weird looks at kate all the time, but I never thought they ever would have come to this. Kate probably should have tooken it out on him a little more eaisily around the house when they were together but I am a mother as well so sometimes its harder for us to be as patient as the dads. I feel jon should give himself time before he makes an even bigger stupid move!!


Bad father...your kids should be taken away from you and you are trash along with your SKANK. BE a man and step up to the plate with those 8 kids. What's your wife suppose to do, raise all those kids by herself. Get a grip man...You are an asshole.


check this out then!!


He is gross, fat with double chins! Maybe his girlfriend's father can give him liposuction. He is a big whiner and acts like Kate is the only one responsible for haveing all those kids. What a jerk. I bet his kids will be real impressed when they get old enough to understand and need a shrinks couch. He is a fat pig.


I am glad Jon has the nerve to get on with he life. You can tell from long ago he was not liking the way Kate was to him. Just look at his facial expressions every time Kate would yell out his name "JON"!!


He is selfish & a disgrace to men.
Shame on him for not only cheating on his wife, abandoning parental duties, & being a shameless self promoter, but for doing it with a family friends daughter?
Kate is left at home with 8 children, and miserable
& he's out robbing the cradle.
what has the world's standards come to?

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