Dr. Conrad Murray Incriminating Himself in Jackson Death

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The man at the center of the investigation into Michael Jackson's death, Dr. Conrad Murray, is in the LAPD's crosshairs thanks to his own comments.

According to TMZ, which cites law enforcement sources, Dr. Conrad Murray's statements to police on the Saturday following Jackson's June 25 death of cardiac arrest contained several incriminating disclosures about his involvement.

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Some members of law enforcement are surprised Jackson's personal physician spoke in the first place and equally surprised about what he volunteered.

The LAPD is already treating Jackson's death as a homicide and there have been multiple conversations between its detectives and the L.A. County District Attorney's office, although the D.A. has not opened its own formal investigation.

As more facts become known, the wide-ranging LAPD and DEA investigation into what killed Michael Jackson (1958-2009) is centering on his personal physician.

While some of the toxicology results are not in yet, important test results already completed point to the anesthesia Propofol as the primary cause of death.

Law enforcement sources say the evidence is clear - the use of the hospital-grade anesthesia was the primary reason Michael Jackson's heart stopped beating.

So far, Dr. Murray's lawyer has neither confirmed nor denied on the record if his client administered Propofol to Jackson the day he died. We'll keep you posted.


Conrad Murray left MJ's house after giving him propofol to meet with a call girl, according to credible inside sources. When he returned, Michael Jackson was already dead. Everything else he did, including turning up the heater in MJ's room, calling is girlfriend to give him an alibi (like it just happened). When the paramedics arrived they said not only was MJ already dead, but had been dead for hours. Murray should be facing murder charges, not manslaughter.


We should find out what really happened to Michael Jackson. and what about all the other doctors that gave drugs to all those dead stars in the past.


the press was stressing Mj out with all this molesting shit win he didn't even do it so Mj went to see a personal doctor who would give him the wrong stuff Dr Conrad you a asshole and a shit face


my friends too misssed very sadding to hurt god bless for micheal jackson ??


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ARREST this murderer already. Let me at him, let me at HIM, I want to strangle him!!!


It has been 43 dats since hisd eath. What is the matter with evryone? Dr. Murray told the police he gave him the diprivan the night before....why isn`t he arrested?Why are the results taking so long? Why not hold him as a suspect? I watched Nancy Grace and Jane Velez with their investigation and all of a sudden, gears switch t his kids and nothing is said about the death investigation anymore. I am not asking for the full hour to be about MJ, but they should keep up with the latest....I know it was the doctor Aresst him already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you Dumbass you killed Mj you should feel bad you just wanted rid of him you no good for nothing i dont like you one bit doctor murry I love Mj and you should have ended his life cause you wanted his beetles records you are asshole doc Murry and i cant stand you some one should kill you. you make me mad.


GO to HELL Murray you killed MJ i hope you get life how could you fall asleep you killed you it was you


Very interesting, and look at that coffin. Oops, I just forgot I'm supposed to take my propofol. I'll take that and then come back in a few minutes to finish my posting.. .

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