Did Dr. Conrad Murray Give Propofol to Michael Jackson?

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who was at Michael Jackson's home the day he died did not give Jackson OxyContin or Demerol that day, according to his attorney.

His lawyer, Edward Chernoff, wouldn't make the same statement about the powerful anesthesia, Propofol, that was found at the late star's home, however.

Law enforcement sources say the information Dr. Murray gave police regarding drugs at Jackson's home was enough for cops to secure a warrant from a judge.

This alone is a significant development, as a search warrant can only be issued if there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed.

The facts: When police searched the home, they found Propofol. It was specifically labeled Propofol. There was no indication it had been prescribed to anyone.

Chernoff reiterated earlier claims that his client did not give Demerol or OxyContin to Jackson the day he died. But he would not take the same stand on Propofol.

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Chernoff told TMZ when asked for comment on the subject, "I have no statement on whether the doctor prescribed or administered Propofol," adding, "We're confident whatever the doctor prescribed did not kill Michael Jackson."

Police obtained a search warrant the day after Michael Jackson died. Another warrant was issued two days after Dr. Conrad Murray's interview with LAPD investigators, and that's the one that led cops to the Propofol discovery.

A second warrant may have been needed if the first covered prescription medications only. DEA and LAPD officials are trying to determine how the Propofol - a drug that should never be administered outside a hospital - ended up in MJ's home.

Jackson's medical records and billing info may be the key to unraveling the mystery of who prescribed what to him and when - and holding the doctors responsible.


"Dr"Murry did it for money!


Murray killed michael intentionaly investigation should be if he I'd paid any amount of money from unknown source michael was murdered for his catalouge.


He is not a Dr in my book he is a desperate gold digger and drug delear he took the joy away from human out of selffishness and negligence may god punish him.


no ones to blame but jackson himself .do not blame it on anyone else


Well, in small doses I feel sorry for Dr Murray but if you call yourself a Professional then he should have acted Professionally. Because of this he is much to blame. I don't think he intentionally killed MJ, I do believe it to be involuntary manslaughter, after-all MJ was already an addict for these drugs which it appeared were administered in his home and not at a surgery. It could have been any doctor present but happened to be Dr Murray.
The law should, and I think it's time, struck off these doctors from ever practicing again. I cannot understand why they are still permitted to practice.
It's the same sort of thing that killed Elvis Presley.


Dr Conrad Doesn't even know how to do CPR. That is basic for a Dr. He was getting paid $150,00o a month. Yes he killed him. He gave him a illegal drug and he is going to jail.


i feel instinctively something was way wrong!and this is very very sad for Michael and his mother and children .i cant understand how you are assigned to take care of someones health ,and not be responsible enough to administer the prper c.p.r.and how did he not know the exact address of Michaels residence?even when we hire babysitters we jot down vital info such as what the address is ,of where we are at!!something went very very wrong and Katherine Jackson found his behaviour odd.i really hope these drs.,get the discipline theydeserve ,they are greedy and dont care about peoples lives at all ,not all but some Drs.those drugs got to his home by someone somehwere ,and the truth will come out ,becuse Jehovahs name is involved in all of this too ,May his will take place asnd justice done,


I totally agree with mary on this one!!! I believe dr murry gave michael jackson the propofol and didnt monitor him the way he should have and that is a crime of manslaughter, Dr murry knew that drug was only to be used in a hospital but he went a head and used it and killed michael jackson in the process< we love you michael!
rest in peace!!!


well i think dr murray did administer the profonol...mj chef has a very incriminating interview and witnessed dr murray spending the nite 5 nites a week and carrying oxygen tanks out of the home..you need oxygen to administer the drug!!also no name on the profonol because its kept locked in a cabinet at hospitals!money can buy anything and i hope dr murray has lots of it to fight at his murder trial!!

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