"Celebrity" Meltdown: Spencer & Heidi Flip the F*%k Out

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They may or may not be celebrities, but when it came to their latest reality TV foray, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag decided they were definitely out of here.

News that Speidi quit the show was a tad surprising.

Not even prime-time self-promotion - four nights a week, for three weeks straight! - could keep the gruesome twosome on the set. They hated it that much.

They will return for the live portion of tonight's I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here, but after that, they will officially be gone from the Costa Rica set.

"They're leaving right after the live portion of the show," an NBC source said. "The fact that they are leaving the show and deserting their charities is lame."

One of the rare moments of silence from Speidi. Ever.

E! News says producers are trying to replace the couple - who even rapped on a music video theme for the show - with another member of The Hills cast.

Conversely, People reports that Daniel Baldwin (whose brother Stephen is on the show already) is filling in for Speidi and playing for the couple's charity.

Finally, a well-placed Costa Rican source who works on the production of the show tells TMZ that just before quitting, Spencer Pratt screamed at producers, "If you give me a script, I'll do what you want. I'm not a reality star. I'm on The Hills."

Hilarious. Follow the jump for two videos of Speidi's meltdown!


Ok I have to admit, these two keep me totally entertained. I'm always looking forward to their next hilarious move.


With so many thoughtful, intelligent, and inspiring young role models in the world, why are these two self-absorbed fools on television? I'm glad they're gone from "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here." I hope they're gone for good. I can only dream that there is a backlash from their performance on this show that affects their status on the other show, "The Hills." No one should be rewarded for bad and inappropriate behavior. Bring on some real celebrities who have both talent and character.


spencer has one violent temper....heidi even said once that "they were working on his anger issues"...They?..hmmmmmmm..sounds like a chris brown in the making....Im afraid to even think about what he does to Heidi behind closed doors... Heidi if you read this...it will only get worse...you cant change someone like him...not even with Jesus...girl...you need to get out of that relationship NOW.you deserve much better...dont let him drag you down....you'll regret it one day....then it will be to late.


Ok...I'm so tired of Spencer. Heidi I can deal with but GOD why did she marry that man. He is an idiot...a fake...all talk...insincere....spoiled....egotistical....womanizer.....and cares nothing at all about anyone but himself and his image. PLEASE GET RID OF THE FLESH COLORED BEARD!! Forget some island...put him in the hood and see how "famous" he really is! HEIDI.........open ur eyes girl...everyone else sees it...why don't you!!??


I didnt even know people could make themselves look like such idiots. Spencer was all bragging about "I'm too rich and famous to be on this island!"...and yes he did really just use the term "rich and famous". And then Heidi crying all ugly whining about her lotion. Those too dickholes dont know what its like to grow up without money. They wouldnt last 1 day in the hood lol (Spencer would probably be shot)


wow. yeah what a bunch of idiots. okay i have never hurd of u. so i guess u cant be that famous after all. and heidi, girl come on. u can be stronger than that.


OMG...who is spencer and heidi pratte?!?!?!! NEVER HEARD OF YOU IDIOTS!!!!!! way to make your imprint on the world! LMAO! spencer is a pathetic wife beatter. If you watch his behavior and heidis behavior it is a classic abused wife case. She never has any of her own oppinions to say for herself, and spencer has a severely violent temper. Imagine how he treats poor heidi behind closed doors. HEIDI STAY STRONG AND HAVE THE COURAGE TO LEAVE.


I'm glad when I go before God I don't have to account for what they do. They appear to give christians a bad name.


Heidi and more specifically Spencer are pathetic. They go on about what big celebs they are, guess what I've never heard of you. Wouldn't look twice at you on the street. Your behaviour is that of 2 year olds throwing tantrums. Nothing but spoiled, abusive, sore losers.

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