I'm a Celebrity: The Spencer Pratt Music Video

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Spencer Pratt's full rap music video for "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here" - his debut single, as well as a marketing hook for the new reality show by the same name that he's starring on - has been released, and it is nothing short of amazing.

Fans of the self-proclaimed future of hip-hop should definitely watch the video below, so long as you don't mind a strong chance of moderate eye and ear bleeding.

For those who can't stomach any more of the gruesome twosome than you are already exposed to via The Hills and sites like this one, here are the Cliffs Notes:

  • He appears to be singing to a lizard for most of it.
  • The video editing may or may not have done by a middle school student.
  • Heidi Montag bobbing around, making odd faces and swinging her arms in the background is at least an 8.5 on the unintentional comedy meter.
  • He gives multiple shout-outs to Twitter, beginning a verse with "First Tweet of the day, I get my swag on," but ending said verse with "... I'm Spencer Pratt and I'll be Twittin' ya back" - complete with hand motions.

You've been warned. Check out the epic awfulness below ...

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This has to be considered animal cruelty. Where is PETA??? If I were a rapper I'd be offended by this. I'm not a rapper and I'm still kind of offended.


That was the longest 4 minutes and 16 seconds of my life. I think the fact that Heidi is behind Spencer trying to get his attention multiple times and he ignores her describes their marriage perfectly. OH! and Spencer, people don't hate you because "the media loves" you. People hate you because you are a GRADE A Douche.


wow...did that just happen? They couldn't make themselves look any more stupid than they already are!!!


i like the song but the video BLOWS!!! a choreographer wouldnt have hurt lol!


That was painful...did not make it to the end!


I hope the snake chokes u spencer


LOL...Heidi looks like she's trying out for a position as a stripper.


hahahahaha this is the joke of the year!!!!!
it's so funny how stupid is all this crap and they actually believe it's music.
if there's ny person besides him and his brainless wife that like this, i will not believe in the human intelligence anymore!!!


Oh dear God. What has the world come to that 20 or so people will probably enjoy this? Its a scary thought. That guy is a waste of oxygen!!


LOL, that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen!