Housekeeper: Kobe's Wife Treated Me Like $h!t

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Maria Jimenez claims in a lawsuit filed today that Vanessa Bryant, wife of basketball star Kobe Bryant, has been rather mean to her recently.


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    She isn't anything but a money hungry gold digger...... She isn't anything without Kobe. It isn't her money.. She's a loser in my book. I live near her and she is sooo conceided and thinks she's all that. I have news for her. She's NOT!!!!! She is sooo ugly on the inside as well as on the outside. She needs to take a hard look in the mirror, I don't think she'd like what she sees starring back at her. She's down right MEAN. She's horrible and someone needs to put her in her place. That maid is better than her by far. At least she makes her money honestly and isn't conceided. Boy how I hate conceided women, especially when they aren't all that. She's not even cute.


    stop hating and speculating annoying bunch of losers


    u can call her what u dats one fine ass wet back slut.


    What can you expect from a low life like Vanessa. All she did was marry money and now she thinks She's all that. I hope the maid does win the lawsuit. That will teach her a lesson that she can't treat people like that.


    The maid should have known better than to ruin the blouse, isn't that why she's "the maid"? Vanessa Bryant is exactly that "Vanessa Bryant", wife of the best BB player in the world and therefore under a microscope and privy to quirks and probably eccentric, that doesn't make it right but read up on Victoria Beckam then act like you know it all. Kobe loves his girls and with them comes their mom, nightmare or not!


    Kobe's slow butt will not divorce Vanessa. It's cheaper to keep her b/c they didn't sign a prenup....

    She must have put a hex on him... He has got to see the nastiness in her.


    Vanessa was and still is the "video ho." You cant change a ho into a housewife, it'll be another b'ball star she's gonna cheat on him with. That's what "village ho's" do....


    dmarie....wet back slut? how about just a slut....why the wet back....come on now. race has nothing to do w/this. she treated the maid like a 2nd class citizen. bryant's are getting what they deserve!


    that mexican wet back bitch vanessa bryant would have got slapped up and down if I was the maid! I wouldn't have put up with the shit.She ain't nothing but a ex video ho wet back slut and she trapped kobe.I know he wants to divorce her ass and eventually he will.


    I believe in most states it's illegal to make employees pay for goods damaged in the normal course of their job duties.

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