Tatiana Del Toro Releases Vengeful Statement, Lingerie Pics

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This is adorable.

Tatiana Del Toro, one of the American Idol's 36 season eight semifinalists, thinks she's already famous enough to complain about the way she's been treated.

In response to criticism leveled at her throughout the show's Hollywood rounds, Del Toro posted the following blog entry last week:

... in response to all the judgment as in…I am a drama queen, crazy, fake. Honestly, I don’t think anyone can imagine the kind of hurt people were trying to inflict on me during the taping of hollywood week and how long it went on and how intesne and relentless it was...

Seriously that was ten minutes of DAYS HOURS OF PEOPLE HUMILIATING ME AND STABBING ME. Alot of people were ganging up on me…calling me hurtful sick names, speaking ill of me, and overall attempting to ruin my career that I have been working on for 24 years since I have been born...

If Tatiana Del Toro doesn't make it as a singer, we hope English teacher isn't her fall-back occupation.

It has been a painful and devastating process getting to where I am, and the thought that all that I have worked for could be blown and I could get cut and be the laughing stock of national television because of some people I just met, insulting me, blaming me for their own lack of talent and drive, sitting around moping and complaining and pointing fingers and wasting time, drove me to my melting point after HOURS/DAYS of trying to pull everything together with a smile on my face…

These people called me “Satan” yelled at me and blamed me for things that never happened ALL ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. It was humiliating.

Del Toro has also earned money as a part-time lingerie model. Follow this article's jump for a few semi-lewd photos of her...

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Her singing on the last day of Hollywood week was by far among the best.


Society is lame... This is a singing contest, and not a personal likability comparison. Obviously, the edition spliced all the girls worst moments (and have preserved some other players)... When she was subdued, the judges said "we want crazy Tatiana back"... What does that mean? I think people are judging way too much based on believing Fox editors. If judging was solely based on talent and artistic merit, no way she is left out of the top 13, when some other characters made it through... Actually, Beyonce, Madonna, Mariah Carey, J-Lo, Rhianna are a lot more hysterical than Tatiana del Toro, but have made a name for themselves... One thing is for sure: maybe if Tatiana was more tanned, we wou


I'm not Tatiana Hater but She really is something during the American Idol. If she is in National TV, She should have acted like a person to be an IDOL! That is why it is called AMERICAN IDOL, to PULL someone to be of an IDOL THING to the youngs, and an outstanding person with an outstanding personality and not a trash like her who needs to go for a GOOD MANNER AND RIGHT CONDUCT TRAINING, I bet Paris Hilton's Chihuahua's character is better than her. She thought by playing weird like that she can pull the trigger. ahhahah. Wrong choice of strategy for popularity. Work for it harder..my dear!
Tatiana may have a stronger voice compare to Scott who made it to 7, but she is definitely lacking a huge amount of right personality and character.


Gawd, she was awful. Good riddance to that talentless diva.


She's a legend in her own mind!


I couldnt agree more with both previous post[Guy,Jason]. Tatiana Del Toro is both princess and prima donna diva. The bottom line is she has the most potential of any newcomer to the industry in years. Too bad the egos of has-been, wanna-be and also ran didnt have the courage to acknowledge raw tallent when it bit them in the butt. So much for american idol.


This is a prime example of someone who doesn't want to earn respect and get somewhere through hard work. She just wants to be a name. She doesn't deserve a Grammy, she deserves an Emmy for her performance. Personally, I didn't root for her because she's unrelatable. She acts like a little princess. Tatiana: if you don't want people talking about you, then act like you want respect instead of attention. Respect is earned. You brought every bit of that on yourself if they were mean to you. Nine times out of ten, everyone can't be wrong.


I’m disappointed that Tatiana Del Toro did not make it into the final 12. I think that she is a star in the raw. In fact, she’s the closest thing to Madonna I’ve seen since, well, Madonna–back in the day. Del Toro is certainly a better singer than Ms M; way better. She’s also undeniably charismatic. And the camera loves her. Most importantly, she is unforgettable, for all the right AND wrong reasons. That’s what makes a pop star. Del Toro is the only reason I’ve watched consecutive–not to mention entire–episodes of American Idol for the first time. I hope that she gets a chance to return for the Wild Card segment. Oh, sure she can't spell, but not once did she put down anyone the way people commenting on this blog have put her down.


What a vile skank


This old lady/mum thinks Tatiana is the most-refreshing, stir-it-up, beyootifull, talented, mesmorizing, puzzling, exciting, incredible-voiced, gorgeous AI contestant since Kelly Clarkson. Her laugh did give AI producers somethings to toy with. Remember, AI was critisized harshly for the foul bullying cruelty they have done with earlier seasons' mentally-challenged kids. AI stated, after AI7, they would NOT pick on the young kids who clearly had intelligence/disability issues. But AI had to pick on SOMEONE! So the AI editors cut the crying/laughing clips and spliced them together to make this pretty Puerto Rican Latina look goofy, since she clearly was not handicapped. She actually has one of the lovelier voices. They had to play with someone, I guess. The handicapped kids were off the table. I want Tatiana back as a Wild Card! Please! I want to hear her smoldering voice!


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