Audrina Patridge Burglary: Caught on Tape!

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Audrina Patridge was robbed the other night - and we're not talking about her almost total omission from the new Hills trailer, or her dignity being stolen by Justin-Bobby ages ago. The girl's home was literally burglarized on Sunday.

Well, the loser duo who broke in didn't do a very good job disguising themselves, as the surveillance footage - posted by Audzo on her official site in an effort to ID and bring the perpetrators to justice - from the incident clearly shows.

Take a look at this two-minute clip from when Audrina got robbed:

A couple of things here: First of all, the melodic music makes committing a felony seem awfully pleasant. Second, way to take your sweet ass time, idiots.

Also, if you were the type of lowlife miscreant who would go and pull a stunt like this, wouldn't you at least be a little inconspicuous with your appearance?

Wearing trendy hats and looking blase as can be, the tools surely didn't know about the surveillance cams - but what if they were seen coming or going?

Enjoy jail, gang. We give it a day or two.


SERIOUSLY. WTF is this. These people are the dumbest people ive ever seen. Really wtf. Who acts like that when they are stealing from someone? They for sure will be caught. DUMBASSES.


OMFG! Ajay how retarded are you?! It's a surveillance camera!!! Can you not read or something?! And you know, surveillance cameras are pretty small so they probably didn't see it. God, your so stupid!


How stupid are these people?? Also how bizarre to have a video camera in your apartment (set up maybe) at one point they knew there was a camera therefore why did one of them then try to hide her face. Very bizarre.....


wow CT - you didn't manage to complete school, did you? Read a book or something...


I think Audrina is a bigger low-life, a pathetic low-class c grade idiot than these theives.. Prolly they are better trash than her. And the girl looks like Chinese. :) And, Audrina definitely doesnt deserve a big house like that. I dont think anyt heives would even rape her..crazy stinking idiot she is...


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