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Amy Winehouse may actually leave St. Lucia and return to the UK next week in a desperate bid to save her marriage now that Blaaaaaaaake is out of jail.

Yes, Blake Fielder-Civil was released yesterday. But A-Dubs may not want to get her hopes up – one of his first comments was that their divorce is so on.

In fact, the singer didn’t even know her estranged husband was being freed.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Pic

And as news reached her in St. Lucia – where she has been “on vacation” since December – she pledged to fly home and patch up her relationship.

A pal revealed: “Hearing Blake was out brought lots of emotions back. Amy feels like she was the last to know he was getting released and that hurt. She is desperate to see him again and wants to work things out. She still loves him.”

With Blaaaake free at last, Amy Winehouse hopes for a reconciliation.

Blake walked free from Edmunds Hill Prison in Suffolk yesterday and was handed his trademark hat and hugged by his delighted mum, Georgette Fielder-Civil.

He will now undergo a drug rehab program. Mmm. Good luck with that.

Do these two stand a chance? Blake vows he doesn’t want one.

Jailed for 27 months last July for assault and trial-fixing, Blake was let out once before, only to violate the terms of that early release by failing a drug test.

He was sent back to the slammer after a farewell bonk from Wino.

Blake filed for divorce from inside last month after seeing Amy – who he wed in May 2007 – grow close to Josh Bowman and other men on the sunny island.

Asked about his divorce plans yesterday, he vowed to go forward with it, saying: “It’s all going ahead – but I don’t really know what will happen. It’s just nice to be on the outside again. Now I am going to get over my drug habit.”

Amy is doing well in her battle against heroin and crack addiction. Well, relatively. She smokes weed and drinks beer every day, but it’s a start.

Friends worry Blake’s release will destabilize the star. A friend of hers said: “We are nervous about her returning to London and seeing Blake. She thinks their fights and problems are romantic in a tortured love kind of way.”

“But I suppose if [Fielder-Civil] can really quit drugs and they can have a clean, healthy relationship then we’d have to wish them luck.”

They sure would need it.