The Hills Spoilers, Gossip For Season Four

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At a private hilltop location in L.A., The Hills cast and their fans on Monday celebrated the Season Three finale with a blow-out party Monday.

While it was sad to see Season 3 come to an end, there's a whole new year of drama to look forward to in Season 4, beginning in late summer.

Here's a look at what's next for Lauren, Lo, Audrina and others, via some hot spoilers and gossip TV Guide unearthed at the party ...

Boys, Boys, Boys

Expect more, more, more. Lo and Lauren throw a big party in their new pad and invite boys galore. The ever-single Stephanie Pratt feasts her eyes on, well, everyone, and Lauren Conrad may have a new beau (Doug Reinhardt?) in tow. And as for Audrina and Justin Bobby? They're definitely back on. As Audrina herself says, "[Justin] has always been there for me, and he still is."

Friends in Lo Places

As far as Lauren Bosworth (Lo) is concerned, the tension has little to do with her - despite a self-described "foul face" when the topic comes up.

Next season, expect more from Lo's perspective.

"It's disheartening to see me turn into such a bad guy on the show," she said. In Season Four, "You're going to see the other side of the story. I think people need to remember that it's Audrina and Lauren's relationship that's having problems.... It's not my relationship to muck up."

Lauren-Heidi Drama

Don't hold your breath for a relationship thaw between LC and Heidi Montag. Despite Heidi's good-will appearance at Goa, Lauren says she "will probably not" reconcile with Heidi. Ever. As for the growing tension among Audrina, Lauren and Lo, it's just a part of growing up, the girls say. Audrina says she knows her new focus on her career has meant that she's not around as much for Lauren.

Working Girls

As far as careers go, with Lauren officially working side-by-side again with Whitney Port, will there be a turf war at People's Revolution?

Whitney says no.

"I don't like to be alone," Port confided. "I'm used to having lots of girls around me all the time, so it's great to have [Lauren Conrad] around."

As for her own ambitions, Whitney Port may soon be joining the ranks of Lauren and Heidi with her own line, but details are TBD.

For now, designing clothes is simply her "pleasure."

Lauren Bosworth, meanwhile, sees herself hosting for networks like E! and Bravo, and Audrina Patridge has acting on the brain.

To Patridge, her just-announced movie debut in Into the Blue 2 is a "stepping-stone" that might lead, she hopes, to a career like Charlize Theron's.

Don't hold your breath, A.


who cares lo is a bitch the show is fake anyway but i love it....


No it wasn't Lo who went home with Brody in season 2 it was Jen Bunney!!! I don't think Lauren was controlling with Heidi, I think it was Spencer pulling Heidi's strings, LC tried to warn Heidi, but Heidi didn't (and apparantly still cant) see it! Whether the 'dramas on The Hills are real or scripted...I don't care, its still the best show on MTV!


I love that they have these blogs and usually I never type anything at all but this time I just cannot keep my mouth shut. Okay- Audrina is awesome- she is her own person- sometimes a little too nice when she looks like what she really wants to do is scream... sometimes she needs to stand up for herself a bit more.
Lauren- great
Lo- non event
Spencer- someone needs to give him a wedgie. He is an utter Pe*is.
Am I missing anyone. God I cannot believe Heidi and Spencer even get air time. And I can't believe it winds me up so much! :o) P.S. Whitney is by far the best- she just couldn't give a sh*t


Obviously TV shows are for people's entertainment. That's a NO-BRAINER. Those individuals on that show signed a contract giving the network permission to basically "involve millions of people in their lives." It's inevitable that everyone's going to have his/her own opinion. If not, there woulnd't be a "Leave a Comment" section on this site. Duh! So Sarahhh... "What's the purpose of this crazy person's rant?", you ask... Well, just for the record, I've met Lauren Bosworth (aka Lo) and she is indeed a raging BIATCH. Those abismal Gremlin expressions that she makes when she is discouraged seem to be permanently plastered on her face, even in person. So don't shun the editors for not doing her any justice. It's not their faults.


Sarah...yea dude...relax...just venting about how stupid lo and LC are, chill girl


Lo is a bratty and condescending BITCH.... at least that is how they portray her on the show. I would hate her too. Sarahhh relax! the show is soo good.. nothing wrong with wanting to talk about it.


You guys are way too involved in other people's lives. All the decisions people on the Hills make, are their decisions, let them be. They will not read your comments and even if they did, they would definitely not take your advice. You don't know half of the stuff that goes on in their lives, don't judge them. If you watched The Hills: Off the Record, you would know. I love the show, I think it's a good view of life in LA but many people get fooled into thinking that their lives are all expose on screen, which is not the case.


Lo is so mean to Audrina. She really has a bad attitude! I think she's just super insecure about having to share Lauren with other friends.


Lo is a bitch- for all that I know. I wish she would just leave the Hills alone and get a life. She is so obsessed and childish. She needs to grow up and face reality - its not alwayz about the money.
I wish Audrina and LC remain friends forever.


The girl who went home with brody in series 2, was Jen bunny. An old friend of Lauren's, and everyone knows that Audrina wasn't a friend from the past - she just happened to live in the same villa's as Lauren and Heidi.
I don't know why lauren would ever trust Stephanie, she stirs just as much as Lo. Lo is so stupid, and all she cares about it making sure that Lauren doesn't show any attention to anyone else. Lo's obviously only come back onto the scene because she wants to be on TV. Why is lauren not seeing this??

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