Tale of the Tape: David Cook vs. David Archuleta

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The Hollywood Gossip staff is proud to bring you Tale of the Tape, a feature in which we break down prospective matchups within the celebrity world. The following is an obvious one.

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    ei, guys..sorry...!!! i'm not living arounfd USA, but i'm a hude fan of David Archuleta and even Jayson Castro...Their something special about them that david cook doesn't have....and filipinos knows that!!!! well, i think it's upon down to a taste of preference by the mass. that's the basis...Well, congratulations for that!!! even to Jason Castro, and the man who stand alone in the competition along with his 11 contestants, well DAvid ARchuleta is the youngest rigth?? WEll, i salute him for the talent and the gift he has!!!!Since, cook won the the title, the next battle would be the album sales...right???Well, Goodluck to vote davids!!!
    and we really LOve you David ARchuleta!!! More Filipinos LOVES u!!!!


    OK come on, Cook over Archuleta, you have to be kidding. Cook is just another Nickleback clone that continues to inundate the radio station with crap. Archuleta has the pipes and with the right training will have more versatility than you think he has right now.

    Ask yourself who will have a longer career , that hack Cook (just looking at him, I want to punch him in the face) or the guy with the real talent (like the judges said).


    This is so not true. What youve been typing down on Archuletas side are so like the weak ones and thats what made cooks side stronger. Tss. What a shame on you. :( You made the Archie fans sad.




    The fact is :
    Archuleta sang amazingly in the finals (of course he's talented)
    But watch again (on YouTube or dowloading from iTunes) the whole season
    David Cook has no comparision!!
    He has the charisma, personality and the sexier voice over all the contestants...
    While archuleta is like a child giving the best of him, Cook is simply a rock star.
    If i could vote i'll choose Cook without a Doubt!
    Vote for cook please!
    He deserves to win



    You're just saying that because you listened to Simon. NO ONE CAN CRUSH COOK, NO ONE. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, David Cook IS THE AMERICAN IDOL. Archuleta can sing, I don't deny that, but he sings just one ballad after another.... BORING....


    To everyone that says archuleta can't sing....



    Cook was ORIGINAL which makes him a winner to me!

    Of course both are incredibly talented and I cannot wait to see what DA will do in 3 years with the experience under his belt BUT Cook took risks and for those of us who love more than just pop music, he's the obvious choice!



    i love david cokk.he is soooooooooooooo awsome.please vote for him now!!!!!!! he is the best singer in the world and any song that he sings is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is my idol


    Woohoo! Go DAvid Cook! I loved Always be my baby better than Imagine by David Archuletta. Don't get me wrong, David Archuletta is a good singer, but I think he needs to learn other genres not only ballad. People would want to hear other genres too. His cd would be really boring if they all had the same genre in it. He needs more rock in him. And THAT is why I love DAVID COOK!!!! Pls. Vote for DC!

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