Rihanna and Chris Brown: The Love-Fest Continues!!

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The romance rages on for Rihanna and Chris Brown, who spent Wednesday night at a Kanye West concert at Spotlight Live, a hip Times Square restaurant, a karaoke bar - and possibly the bedroom! Yeah!

One day after Rihanna helped Brown celebrate his 19th birthday at a Manhattan club (his actual b-day was May 5) the pair got even more HOT and affectionate in plain view of other concert-goers.

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Chris Brown draped his arm around Rihanna, 20, as the two flirted, danced, clapped and sang along to the short concert. As Kanye West left the stage, Rihanna leaned over and - OMFG - planted a big kiss on Brown.

The couple then hung out with some friends in back.

OGLING AWAY: Officially, Chris Brown and Rihanna are on the DL, but one can only deny such an obvious, sexy relationship for so long, people.

An hour after the concert, music's smoldering new couple retreated out the back door, posing for pictures - but only separately.

Chris Brown and Rihanna both stopped when fans asked to take photos with them, but they declined to be photographed together.

Although they've been spotted hooking up from Les Deux to Europe to the Caribbean - including a romantic vacation in Jamaica in February - Brown and Rihanna won't publicly confirm their love.

Earlier this month, Rihanna shared the most information yet when she told Elle Magazine that she and Brown had become "very close."


eu te adoro curto tuas musicas todos os dias choro grito do risada eu te amo vc esta com a metade do meu coracao
te amo te amo


Cris and Riana I think that you should follow your heart Love Mariah


God dag! Kan jag ladda ner en bild fran din blogg. Av sak med hanvisning till din webbplats!


Rihana are you crazy first chis beat you up an you still loove him even though his music is awesomely cool your one crazy girl!


you pipl sayin chris brown is ur mann wat da fuk?? he dnt even know u exist cum on be real!! chris nd rihanna luk so cute 2getha let them be cuz ull neva get wit him


all yall haters need to leave rihanna alone yall just mad cause she got chris first don't hate appreciate
suckers chris and rihanna good luck you belong together i hope your baby is beautiful


well rihanna i hope i spelled that right if i din't i Apologize well any ways i think u and chris would make a really cute baby. well even though i think hes cute u got him so my Congrats and Cherish every thing u guys have belive me i learned my lesson from that but i made i right with him and know we been together for 3 years


rihanna i just wanna let u no that u r a hoe and im the one supposed to having his baby i hope u fall and break ur neck cuz i hate u


hello i love chris brown hahahaha and rihanna hehe yay


i and my friend think that rihanna and chris brown are a lovely couple no a divine couple so dont say that u hate them coz they hate u well i think they do so back of and shut your ugly fugly fougly mugly mouthe shut u faty ok thank you cya bye.................................

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