Miley Cyrus is Legally Miley Cyrus!

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While the racy / naked Miley Cyrus pictures were dominating the news, the Disney icon had her name legally changed last week in Santa Monica.

Miley's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, told Oprah he had a special reason for naming her Destiny Hope Cyrus, which she legally ditched last week.

Miley Cyrus' destiny and hope were to legally be called Miley.

"I had this vision that it was her destiny to bring hope to the world," Billy Ray said.

"And as a baby, she just kept smiling all the time. So her name was Destiny Hope, but I started calling her Smiley. Then as you start talking to a baby, you start dropping the S's off the front end, and pretty soon Smiley became Miley."

Lawyer William R. Sobel represented the Hannah Montana star at the Santa Monica Courthouse on Thursday morning.

The legal name change to Miley Cyrus was made official by Supervising Judge Gerald Rosenberg, Fox News reports.

"She was never referred to as Destiny Hope, ever since childhood she has been Miley Ray Cyrus and the family wanted her common name to become her legal name," Sobel told the court.

A look back at some of the scandalous Miley Cyrus pics from Vanity Fair ...

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first of all its no body;s bussiness second of all if she did thats her fault cause if she goes to hell are we going to say ohhhhhhhh she went to hell well i guess not if she dies evry1 going to appreciate her more so just let her be happy while she on earth GIVE HER A BREAK SHE HAS A LIFE PAPPARAZI and its not yours so get OUT


firstly i would like to say that it's Miley's life not ours,so all of you that are critisisng her should stop it!!!! it was not a complety nude shoot and it was her decision, she is the one that decided to do it and now you people are making her regret doing it,and i'm a big fan of hers....I LOVE YOU MILEY...MWA.


well i dont think they are nude pics at all so stop critizing her plzz