Roger Clemens Balks at Mindy McCready Allegations

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In his first comments since being linked to numerous extramarital affairs last week, Roger Clemens acknowledged making "mistakes" in his personal life, apologizing to his family and the public in a prepared statement.

But, in case you were wondering, the seven-time Cy Young winner remained steadfast in his lies denials that he has used steroids or HGH.

"I know that many people want to know what I have to say about the recent articles in the media," Roger Clemens, who has four children with wife Debbie Clemens in the Houston area, told the Houston Chronicle.

Mindy McCready Mug Shot

Roger Clemens is alleged to have had an affair with Mindy McCready.

"Even though these articles contain many false accusations and mistakes, I need to say I have made mistakes in my personal life for which I am sorry. I have apologized to my family and apologize to my fans. Like everyone, I have flaws. I have sometimes made choices which have not been right," he said.

Clemens also addressed the notion that he may have started an improper relationship with country singer Mindy McCready when she was 15.

Citing numerous sources, the New York Daily News reported last week that:

"Clemens carried on a decade-long affair with country star Mindy McCready, a romance that began when McCready was a 15-year-old aspiring singer performing in a karaoke bar and Clemens was a 28-year-old Red Sox ace and married father of two."

In his statement, Roger Clemens addressed the Mindy McCready story.

"Now, I have been accused of having an improper relationship with a 15-year-old girl. Nothing could be further from the truth."

"This relationship has been twisted and distorted far beyond reality. It is just one of many, many accusations that are utterly false."

McCready, however, told the Daily News that she "cannot refute anything in the story" about her relationship with Clemens.

Clemens is also said to have had separate affairs with Angela Moyer and Paulette Dean Daly - both stories were also revealed last week.

While not admitting to any other specific "mistakes," Roger Clemens is adamant that he never used steroids or HGH. The star has been fighting to clear his name (and failing miserably) since being named in the Mitchell Report.

"My personal life has nothing to do with the accusations of steroid and HGH use," he said. "I have already made clear that I did not use them."

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