The Hills Recap: "Back to L.A. / An Unexpected Friend"

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Two episodes of The Hills last night. One awesome performance by Whitney Port and plenty of Pratt family drama to catch up on. Let's get down to it.

In the first episode, "Back to L.A.," Lauren Conrad returns home from Paris and tells Audrina Patridge all about her travels, while Whitney Port heads into Lisa Love's office at Teen Vogue to tell her she's outta here.

Whitney goes on a job interview for a stylist's position with Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution. The interview is tough, but our girl gets it! Yay!

At her office, Heidi Montag explains to some random co-worker that she does not want to break up with Spencer Pratt .... but at the same time, he sure shouldn't think about seeing other people ... but he needs to move out. Pronto.

Spencer complains to his sister, Stephanie Pratt, about moving out and says he's considering dating other girls as a result. Hopefully ones who haven't had about 12 plastic surgeries. Seriously, have you seen Heidi lately?

Heidi Montag gets wind of the fact that Spencer is thinking about dating others - via Stephanie - and fish-lips does not take kindly to this revelation.

Spencer Pratt has worn this look of bewilderment for three episodes now.

Lauren and Audrina head to Les Deux where they meet up with Frankie Delgado and his boyfriend, Brody Jenner. Just kidding. They're not together. Though they are always together. What is this Frankie guy's deal, anyway?

Anyway, having heard about Cora Skinner, LC gives Brody the cold shoulder and asks him where his "girlfriend" is. Brody plays dumb, but Lauren is wicked upset and not buying it. Brody then gets pissed storms outta the club.

Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth (Lo) have breakfast and LC admits that Brody has a way of making her feel like she's not good enough.

Lo tells LC that she's being ridiculous and that Brody should be chasing her, and that she has to figure out a way to just be friends with him.

A bitter Spencer packs up his stuff at the ol' apartment, while pouty Heidi watches. As he walks out he says "enjoy your space." Ohhh, snap!

Finally, Whitney Port packs up her stuff at the Teen Vogue offices, reminiscing with LC about all their good times. They say goodbye and we shed a tear.

Read about the second episode, "An Unexpected Friend," after the jump ...

Whitney Port heads to N.Y. City for fashion week with her new job, and it's, like, bonkers! She seems nervous at first, but does a great job with the fancy-pants designers. At the fashion show, Whit rocks and impresses everyone! Woo!

In L.A., Lauren is in class at FIDM when she notices that Stephanie Pratt is her classmate. Does this seem contrived to anyone else out there?

Anyway, mad texting ensues. OMG, so random!

At the next class, however, Stephanie Pratt offers an olive branch, coming over to Lauren and apologizing for that nasty encounter at the club.

The girls bond a bit when Steph admits what a jerk Spencer can be. Lo and Audrina advise Lauren not to trust She-Pratt, but LC seems cool with her.

Later, neither Heidi or Spencer seem too thrilled about Stephanie becoming pals with Lauren. Spencer, for his part, practically loses his mind.

Spencer tells her he can't trust her.

Stephanie calls him a loser.

Both have valid points.

However scripted this show might be, we have to say that Spencer Pratt's facial expressions have been absolutely priceless in the past two weeks.

He may be the most normal person on the show, believe it or not - a guy who, despite his flaws, is trying to do the right thing, yet ends up confused and bewildered by women, 'round the clock. We feel for you Spence.

At school, Lauren and Stephanie hang out again and have lunch as Steph complains about both Spencer and Heidi. Ah, you gotta love The Hills.


Would fuck the shit out off al these Hills bitches!!!


i just want to ley yal now har it iz yer im hatin barbie doll wannabe heidi she is so stupid being wiv da honkey spencer she aint now mate of mine


i love the episode.... and i love next week's eppy too...lauren's b-day!!!yay!!


ps. Don't mind my spelling, I type fast and realize I have made a few mistakes. And yes, I have been in half relationships. But I don't act like a kid when I am slapped in the face. I would have called Brody the minute I returned from Paris, how many times did they say at that dinner oh, we are just friends. Whatev, Lauren is a great business woman, she will be fine.


I am not jealous, I def like the show. I just want to point out that everyone seems to love Lauren and she is the worst friend. She is so judgemental. She would not allow Heidi to have a crappy boyfriend and be Lauren's friend. She made her choose. A good friend sits back, offers advice and is there for good and bad. Same with Audrina and her boyfriend. Audrina had to say something to Lauren, again Lauren was judgemental. I do watch it and I find all seen where Lauren is involved so boring, I think that is why Kristin Cavallari took over the first show, so much personality. Lauren is famous because she brought fun friends on board, Heidi, Audrina, Brody, Lo, Whitney there all fun and with something interesting to say, Lauren just makes faces. Big eyes, pouty look, and she's making millions for it, good for her, BUT Still i am TEAM HEIDI all the way!!!


heidi has become more annoying than spencer to be straight up honest. and her face is distracting. she was so pretty but now i cant even listen to what she is saying without being mildly disgusted my those lips!! : (


you people are stupid. do you think lauren, heidi, stephanie, or even spencer care what you write? whether lauren annoys you or not, you're still watching and making her rich. stop your complaining because you're jealous. it's a tv show. for entertainment purposes... get a life.


so much drama!!! omg lauren is getting a little bit on my nerves, i used to sympathise with her but she seems to be making some bad choices and on top of it acts like a spoiled brat.
now, for one i would worry about the new friendship with stepahanie.
wats up with miss heidi; is she dillusional?
spencer should move on and heidi should start owning up to her part in the past mistakes unless she wants to live isolated from the hills crowd...


I,ve just started watching the hills, and i just need to no if its realality or scripted i just dont know. Im from London so hav;nt seen the new season, sounds great thoe..........someone tell me if its real


This is to Karen; I guess you have never been in a half relationship where you do think that your friendship is leading to something more and you leave the scene for a while and find out that the person you are almost romantically involved is dating someone else. Since Lauren has been through this road a couple of times, I guess she just wised up. First - Stephen, then Jason and now Brody. That must be really tough on her.

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