Spencer Pratt Discusses Relationships, Environment

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Sit back, relax, and brace yourself for more wisdom from the great Spencer Pratt, who's dishing out advice to readers in his Radar Magazine column.

This week, Spencer talks not only about guys and relationships, but about saving the environment. Al Gore would be proud. Here's what The Hills star says ...

The Mountain Man

YO SPENCER! I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I love it, but lately I've been feeling bad, because it's not good for the environment. Should I trade it in?

Spencer Pratt: I feel your pain every time I fill my ride up. It's a '68 BMW that costs over $60 to fill. If you're not down with any of the hybrid SUVs, step up your game with other environment issues. Recycle, turn off the water if you're brushing your teeth, use towels more than once, turn off lights, buy recycled or green products. Other than that, suck it up.

The incomparable, all-knowing Spencer Pratt of The Hills fame.

YO SPENCER! I've started seeing this guy, but I want to take it slow. I've gotten burned in the past. He says he's okay with it, but I'm starting to feel like he's losing interest. Are guys really willing to wait?

Spencer Pratt: Sadly, most guys are dicks and are just looking to get laid. You may be the lucky girl that found Mr. Romeo, but not likely. Sorry. I would advise that unless you're a born-again virgin who wants to keep it that way, give the guy what he's been waiting for. If he deserves it. If you're not ready, you're not ready. No guy should make you feel obligated to have sex with him.


Spencer you and Heidi need a life. First of all you are not in highschool anymore. You can not expect everyone to hate LC because you do. Your sister has her own life so let her live it. There is room for everyone. Heidi the only reason you became friends with Audrina was to spite Lauren. It is so fake how you parade around pretending not to care. Lauren seriously is not thinking about you or Spencer. I have not seen one episode where Lauren brings up either Heidi or Spencer and then talks about you. Let it go already!!! It's childish. Spencer you have a lot to learn in life buddy. THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!! YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE AND GO SOMEWHERE AND PRAY!!! Heidi you need to eat some food!


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