Perez Hilton: John Mayer is Bisexual

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We have to give credit to Perez Hilton this time.

Steering clear of politics, the infamous blogger is sticking with what has made him a household name - spreading juicy celebrity gossip.

Perez's accusation of the day: That John Mayer is "definitely" bisexual and that Hilton himself made out with the lame singer.

"He is definitely bi," Hilton declared on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show, adding that Mayer is "struggling with his sexuality."

Of their liplock at the New York City club Stereo last year, Hilton said:

"He kissed me, and I kissed him back. It was on the mouth. With tongue. I thought he was messing with me ... Then he kept going and going."

John Mayer is sexually confused and plays for both teams, according to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who says he has personally made out with the singer.

Elaborating further, Perez Hilton claims that Jessica Simpson â€" John Mayer's girlfriend at the time of the supposed hookup â€" didn't mind.

"While John Mayer and I are making out, she is rubbing his crotch," Hilton recalled to Seacrest, who seemed a bit thrown off by the discussion.

Mayer's rep tells Us Weekly in response to Hilton's story, "This is all so ridiculous," while Simpson's rep had no comment.

Hilton insisted, "It's 100 percent true."


i don't think that there's a person in the whole world that wants to make out woth perez hilton.. maybe for money


Look at the pic on the left. Then look at the pic on the right. There is no way ON THIS PLANET that John Mayer would go for an ugly tub of lard like that! Dream on Perez, you sad, deluded (I would say "little" but you're obese) queen...


Who the fuck is Perez Hilton?!?


I believe that story. John Mayer would do anything for publicity. He also seems desperate for any attention. Jessica would do and become anything for a man. She is also desperate for a man. So it all makes sense.


why would a hottie like john mayer want to liplock with a pig like perez? unless of course, the gossip swine is delusional.


so...where's the talk about OK mag using that pic of Britney from 5 years ago???????? Still follow that trash now?

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