The Hollywood Gossip Calls Out Perez Hilton

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We love politics at The Hollywood Gossip, but we tend to keep our posts geared towards Ashley Dupre, or George W. Bush and the Easter Bunny.

In other words, we try to keep opinions to ourselves and focus on humor or scandal. Other celebrity gossip sites, however, can't help themselves.

A post on Perez Hilton today rips Democratic candidate Barack Obama over his connections to another controversial minister, Rev. James T. Meeks.

Perez details Rev. Meeks' inflammatory comments on gays and race, yet declines to mention that Obama has condemned homophobia on many occasions, and even met with gay leaders in New York in the last 48 hours. Disgraceful indeed.

It's a blatant and shameful attempt by Perez, a devout Hillary Clinton supporter, to slander Barack Obama, who he apparently thinks should be held accountable for the political views of every person he has ever associated with.

Noticeably absent from the article as well? Any connections Hillary might have to shady individuals. The former First Lady is a strong candidate for president, but there are more than a few skeletons (and ugly clothes) in that closet, no?

Perez Hilton needs to stick with what he's good at (or at least best known for), rather than subjecting us to his political opinions - and making cheap attacks.

You could least try to give a more balanced portrait, Perez. We don't judge you based on everything your BFF Spencer Pratt says or does. Think about it.

It's one thing to scribble lame comments on celebrity pics. It's another to back up your nonsensical, biased views. It's time for Perez to put up or shut up!

Enough is enough. The Hollywood Gossip hereby challenges Perez Hilton to a fair debate on the candidates... anytime, anywhere.

Can we taunt the blue-haired one enough to make him accept? With your help, readers, Yes We Can! Follow the link to his article HERE, leave a comment on Perez's site and tell him to respond to The Hollywood Gossip's challenge!

Let's see what this hack is made of.


freedom of speach. i love perez hilton i visit his web page at least twice a day. freedom of speeck is the 1st amendment and you cant take that away from us or perez. Perez yor great and keep the gossip on. you wew grate on paris hiltons my new bff.


Obama's unexperienced? For the record: Obama served eight years in the Illinois state Senate and is halfway through his first term in the U.S. Senate. Clinton is about to begin her eighth year in the U.S. Senate. Going by years spent as an elective official, Obama's 11 years exceeds Clinton's seven, which in turn exceeds Edwards' six. But it's a silly calculus, and OH! I forgot she was married to the president boy is that a qualifier. And yes, I know my comment is late


I'm excercising my right to oppose perez's blatant bias against obama. i will not view his blog thru the primary. the same thing for SNL, who (effectively) endorsed h clinton.


Mario Lavandeira has banned several people (myself included) from posting comments on his website "" by blocking their email and IP addresses because they dared criticise him and tell him to be fair in his comments about Obama vs Hillary! How come this man cannot handle criticisms when he makes his living out of insulting/criticizing others?...There is a say on the World Wide Web: "For every person who loves Mario Lavandeira alias Perez Hilton, three others hate him"! I AM WRITING THIS EMAIL FOR THE SAKE OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH. All advertisers on should support the Freedom of Speech, not people who prevent others from expressing their opinion simply because they disagree with them! Every serious organization/company should defend/protect the FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Do NOT support Mario Lavendeira's agenda.


People are boycotting Perez Hilton for his political bias, check out


your a retard. almost everyday you mention perez hilton on this site and steal stories from his site or will be like blah blha blah on pereze hilton tody and report on a story you read from his blog so..get a life on mocking him for what he says


Finally! Somebody called him out on political bias.


Perez is a loser and he should stop bashing Obama for people he has known in the past. Perez is now a wannabe star. Why don't the paps follow him around and see how he likes it.


America will not elect this big-earred Mac Daddy, so just keep dreamin' son...


i actually agree with this article ... perez may be the go to guy for celeb gossip and scoop but he should keep politics out of it or at least provide unbaised coverage...

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