Incomprehensible Couple Alert: Star Jones and Dwyane Wade

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For news on a cute couple that seems right for each other, go read about Lauren Hastings and Shia LaBeouf.

For news on a disgusting couple that would be more wrong for one another than George W. Bush has been for our country, read below.

Far From a Star

According to various reports, Star Jones - one day removed from announcing her divorce from Al Reynolds - is dating NBA superstar Dwyane Wade. This rumor leaves us speechless, likely because there's too much vomit creeping into our mouths, making it impossible to put words together.

We shudder at the thought: Star Jones and Dwyane Wade, seen here at a recent tennis match, are dating.

We know Wade's Miami Heat had an awful 2007-2008 season, but doesn't Dwyane realize that he's better than this? That his dating life needn't reflect his team's performance on the court? That Star Jones is an ugly media whore? That he lives in Miami, the nation's hub for bikini-clad women?

We haven't seen this mismatched of a couple since that apple dated that orange. Or Jason Wahler dated Lauren Conrad. Scumbag.


It took me a while to get that horrid sight out of my head, but does anyone realize that in addition to this being HORRIBLE, HORRENDOUS, and is also adulterous. D-Wade is a married man. COME ON NOW FLASH, I had faith in you!


Everyone is wrong, I love Dwayne Wade. And if you really keep up with him you would believe he was after Serena Williams if anything cause this is not the first tennis match he has been at reciently. I love the man to death and it is just hard for me to believe that one about Star Jones and Wade. Like I said it has to be Serena he is after. Even though it really should be myself. An independent, inteligent, hard working (29) year old single parent of (1)child with lots love to give.


I feel that people should mind their own business and worry about their own shallow lives. What is wrong with them getting together? Is looks all that matter? Maybe they make each other happy! Give them a chance. I wish her and Dwayne well!


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