Jason Wahler, a Laguna Beach and Hills veteran, is a meathead to the extreme. With four separate arrests in as many states, he's set the...

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Some celebrity couples are made in heaven, making their fans believe in romance, passion and everlasting love even at the highest levels of fame and fortune.

Just not these ones. Like at all.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, many romantic duos will celebrate with flowers, gifts, meals, dates and public displays of affection. Nauseating, but cute.

These couples, on the other hand, are best known for fighting - in the media, in person and/or on TV - and breaking up a lot. Sometimes with police involved.

Hey, when you're a celebrity gossip site, you can't function without the dysfunctional, so at least they bring the entertainment value and then some, right?

Here are 14 truly toxic twosomes that never should've been a thing:

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Rihanna and Chris Brown dated for two decent chunks of time, the first of which ending after he beat her senseless. Never a good sign. Nor was taking him back after that, but she's moved on with Drake ... thank goodness. Good luck, Karrueche!

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The Hills' Jason Wahler is the latest star to speak publicly about Philip Seymour Hoffman's tragic death and their own struggles with hard core drug addiction.

Wahler, best known as the bad boy beau of Lauren Conrad, opened up about his past and urged critics to realize that addiction is "more than meets the eye."

Jason Wahler Photograph

"A few years ago, I would host parties at my house in L.A. where there would be 50-100 people raging out of control," writes the former reality star.

"While everyone thought I was enjoying the party as much as they were, I was secretly going into the master bathroom and snorting as much coke and drinking as much alcohol as I could."

"When I was done, I would grab a beer and get back into the party as if nothing happened."

"When I heard of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, it brought me right back to those days of partying where my addiction was so bad that I didn't care who was around."

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On the same weekend that Lauren Conrad got engaged to William Tell, her ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler has one-upped her by marrying Ashley Stack!

The former Laguna Beach star married the model Saturday. The couple wed in front of family and friends at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, Calif.

Jason Wahler and Ashley Stack Picture

After proposing to Slack last November, Jason Wahler, 26, made it official on Instagram, sharing a picture of his then fiancee's big diamond sparkler.

J-Dubs' caption? A simple, declarative "Love you babe!"

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Back in the daze of Laguna Beach and The Hills,Jason Wahler earned a reputation as a hard-partying rich kid who broke Lauren Conrad's heart a lot.

It was well earned. But he was more troubled than his rep let on.

Jason Wahler Photograph

After multiple arrests and stays in rehab, and a season on Celebrity Rehab, JW is a recovering alcoholic who's opening up about his dark days.

The 26-year-old tells celebrity gossip magazine In Touch:

"I tried taking my life multiple times. About four years ago, I took more than 10 Antabuse [medication that can reduce the desire to drink] and was rushed to the hospital."

"It should’ve killed me."

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No, this isn't an article from 2007 that we misfiled.

The Hills and Laguna Beach alum Jason Wahler, whose DUI arrests, fights and stints in rehab kept us busy for several years, says he's a changed man.

Lauren Conrad Pink Hair

As such, "I wanted to make amends with Lauren [Conrad]," he tells People. "She was a big part of my life and there's stuff that I needed to address."

A photo from Jason's old daze.

Now 24 and sober for over a year, Wahler currently works in Costa Mesa, Calif., at National Therapeutic Services as a mentor and sober companion.

"It feels good to give back," says Wahler, who recently completed Celebrity Rehab, and contacted Lauren Conrad after feeling comfortable in recovery.

"She's an incredible person and so supportive of anything I do to stay clean," he says. "But the timing had to be right before I reached back out."

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Jason Wahler can't even stay on the good side of his own publicist, someone PAID to like him and make him look like he's not a complete waste of space.

That's when you know you've got problems.

Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski Photo

Wahler, who's starring in Celebrity Rehab with Rachel Uchitel, Jason Davis and other misfits, got slapped with a lawsuit for owing money to P3R Publicity.

Jason Wahler is still around, and still making enemies.

The company claims the former Laguna Beach star and boyfriend of Lauren Conrad breached a contract by failing to make payments of around $5,000.

P3R says that "Considering Jason Wahler's track record, P3R is disappointed but not entirely shocked by his lack of honor and irresponsible behavior."

"Perhaps his next reality show should be VH1's Charm School."

Ouch. The Real Douchenozzles of Orange County also works.

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Isn't it time Jason Wahler did time?

Seriously, how many arrests can one person endure before they stop getting second chances and actually pay the price for inexcusable, illegal behavior?

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Don't answer that, DMX.

In any case, the reality TV train wreck best known for somehow convincing Lauren Conrad to sleep with him and starring on Laguna Beach and The Hills, was busted allegedly striking a woman at a Hollywood party early Sunday.

Like we said, prison is calling.

This is at least the seventh time we have written about this giant tool being arrested. While entertaining for awhile, it stops being funny when the crime is hitting a girl.

Jason Wahler was taken into custody about 1:45 a.m. and booked on a charge of misdemeanor battery hours later. He's currently being held on $20,000 bail.

Earlier this year, Jason was arrested for DUI - twice, in as many countries, in the span of a month. He was already on probation for God only knows what else.

Guy's past transgressions range from excessive drinking to assaulting a tow truck driver to disorderly conduct in a hotel lobby and all sorts of other bad stuff.

A rep for Wahler could not be reached for comment. Most likely because we suspect that rep will be severing all ties with Wahler for good any second now.

At least we would hope so.

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Finally, a reality show that will still take Jason Wahler.

Hey, he's a reality TV star and needs to be in rehab. It's a good fit. The rumor is that Celebrity Rehab and its venerable host Dr. Drew will welcome Wahler. Why?

Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski Photo

Back in the day, he got arrested four times in four different states for four drinking-related offenses in under a year. That's up there with DMX and Pete Doherty!

Then this year, he had a career resurgence, notching a pair in as many nations! Yep, he was nailed for DUI in L.A. soon after getting sprung from a Mexican jail.

Yeah ... rehab might be a good idea for the man.

Jason Wahler mug shots: Two of the many.

Jason Wahler hasn't signed a deal yet, but his people (who apparently exist) are working on it behind the scenes, and we doubt he'd pass up a chance to be on TV.

No word if this means he will no longer do prison time, or if the rehab stint would be in addition to a jail sentence he is likely looking at for violating his probation.

We just hope they sign Stephanie Pratt and/or Kristin Cavallari to join him on the program. The Hills has some good candidates. Even Heidi Montag for that matter.

Can you go to rehab for plastic surgery addiction?

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Jason Wahler will soon be behind bars, if anyone cares.

The ex-star of MTV's The Hills pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher stemming from his March DUI arrest.


In exchange for his plea, prosecutors dropped another misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but he's not out of the woods.

Far from it.

The 23-year-old ex of Lauren Conrad will do time behind bars for his transgression, which was hardly the first of its kind. Dude gets arrested like all the time.

1994 CALLED: It wants its frosty, spiky hair back. Speaking of getting things back, here's hoping ex-fiancee Katja Decker-Sadowski returned that engagement ring.

Per Farrah Emami, spokeswoman for the Orange County D.A.'s Office, the reality TV dumbass bad boy was subsequently sentenced to a stint in county jail, three years' probation and three months in a first-offender alcohol program.

First offender? Did they read the wrong file?

He'll also have to pay some fines and court fees after getting nailed behind the wheel in Newport Beach, Calif., just days after he spent time across the border in a Cabo San Lucas lockup after getting into a fight at a nightclub.

It was his sixth drinking-related arrest in five states and two countries. Now that's something even DMX or Pete Doherty would have to give J-Wahl props for.

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The Hills returns tonight for its final season ... most likely. It could be extended a bit. Regardless, here's a look back at some moments that defined its first five:

FORGET PARIS: In the first season finale, Lauren Conrad made a brutal mistake that would haunt her for two more years, choosing to spend the summer with tool Jason Wahler over accompanying Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love to Paris.


Fortunately, Whitney Port stepped in and fast-tracked her fashion career. Not that LC is hurting for cash, or boyfriends. Kyle Howard's a big upgrade over J-Wahl.

FALLING DOWN: As a Teen Vogue intern, Whitney endeared herself to millions after what could have been her worst moment, falling on stage after Vogue tapped her to model Hilary Swank's Oscar gown on Good Morning America.

The way she composed herself and handled the embarrassment with grace and dignity only impressed the higher-ups more, though (sorry to rehash this, Whit).

Two prominent former loves of Lauren Conrad.

THE LC SEX TAPE: It did not exist, but boy, did it spark a lot of celebrity gossip. Spencer Pratt (and in turn, THG) got so much mileage out of this twisted rumor.

BABY MAMA DRAMA: More than once, Heidi Montag has effed with Spencer regarding pregnancy. All a big hoax to watch him squirm? We're all for it even if so.

KISSING BRODY J: Everybody does it at some point, but Lauren and he had such chemistry. Still, despite the Las Vegas birthday hookup, Brody Jenner and Conrad determined they work better as friends, which they've remained since.


WORSE THAN HEIDI: LC accused Audrina Patridge of insinuating she hooked up with Justin-Bobby - and that Audzo is worse than Heidi Montag as a result.

A shot from Heidi and Spencer's wedding - the non-staged version.

CAREER EVOLUTION: The show began with a focus on young women and careers in L.A., then became about quasi-celebs whose careers were being on The Hills.

THE WEDDING: Heidi and Spencer's wedding had something old, new, borrowed and even blue ... the dresses worn by both Lauren Conrad and her old nemesis, Kristin Cavallari, who replaced her as the star of the show. Cold, MTV. Cold.

F*%KING PIRANHAS: Kristin didn't wait long to stir up trouble, calling out Audrina and Stephanie Pratt and declaring "you f*%ked with the WRONG girl."

GROSS LOVE TRIANGLE: On a list of things we didn't need to spend a full season watching, Kristin and Audrina fighting over Justin-Bobby would be tops.

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