Bill O'Reilly Asks: Is Miley Cyrus Slutty?

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Conservative Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is a moron. Seriously. The political pundit makes Spencer Pratt look like a Rhodes Scholar.

We were willing to put up with O'Reilly's nonsense (really, Bill, New Orleans doesn't have any homeless people?) until now: he has called for a "conference" to discuss the latest leaked photos of Miley Cyrus. Here's a look at them:

"Look, we have so few role models, particularly for little girls in this country," O'Reilly said on his show Wednesday. "She is the main one. I hate to see this... Parents all over the country like this girl because she is clean-cut."

In particular, the talk show host with way too much time on his hands cited the picture of Miley exposing her bra, referring to it as "a teasy, peek-a-boo thing."

In a related note, we often refer to Bill O'Reilly as a "pompous, misguided, lunatic of a thing."

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Not only is Miley a slut, her preteen or younger sister is going down the wrong path as well. If she's hasn't lost her virginity yet, you can bet she'll lose it before 2010 ends. The U.S already has alot of underaged teens whoring themselves around and losing their virginities at 14-17 o_e Miley needs to act her age and set a better example for everyone, which is not what she's doing.
The way she degrades herself to laying on someone in nothing but underwear,exposing her bra in photos to be 'sexy' and all the other shit she does is just sick. At the rate she's going, I bet it won't be long before we can say
"Miley,enjoy your aids." XD Little trash whore needs to get a frip of reality,instead of focusing on how 'Sexy' she can be.


Look, this little spoiled bitch is a slut. He is absolutely right. Everyone knows this girl is a slut.


miley cyrus meant to be a role model for kids my opinion she should never be played again on the radio or tv


everyone seriously we dont care if miley is slutty or not because she is are role model who may make mistakes in life like us and she is a teenager who has her rights and desicions and she sets her heart out to anything she is capable of doing
please stop haters and please more miley supporters
i love life and i wish it can last for us
we love you miley :))
but now im freaking out because of the new cant be tamed video


Miley is not a hooker. It is just that she should not take photos of herself exposing a part of her body or kissing girls on the lips. Everybody makes mistakes. She should be a good role model. Her parents should be too strict on their children especially Miley so they can become better role models. Every parent should do this. Miley make the right choices next time and always!!!


Hey back off of him.He's right.She said she loved being a role model and so many young children look up to her.I mean would you like it if your child idolized someone that lay across someone in the underwear??I sure as hell wouldn't.Any idiot would spot how bad she is.Also I'm 12 and I know this.Gosh sakes my whole school knows it even the teachers. She's a whore and she's never going to change.


Miley Cyrus may or may not be having lots of sexual activity, but she acts like she's way older than 16. The number of sexually active teens and teens getting pregnant is huge and her acting like it's ok to dress and dance like a slut is not being a good role model, she's 16 not 25 she needs to remember that and wait for her time. And did she not notice how pop stars careers usually end when they go all out slutty?


I feel sorry for her and her parents becasue she is 16!!!!! She should know her responsibilty!! If she didn't then she wouldn't be on Disney channel or some other shit!! I think she is a slut I guess but when I think about it there isn't much proof on it!! I hate her because I'm jealous I admit!! But I use to look up to her until she started to do these things!! I hate it! And when those little girls copy her!! They would be all slutty and be Showing there bodies every where!! I don't want to see that to happen!!


shes the biggest teenage slut in hollywood right now. shes ganna be the next lindsey lohan or even worse. her parents need to control her and be a parent other than a friend......shes tryin to grow up too fast which is not good. kool the fuck down miley. disney needs to kick her out...shes not settin good examples for the kids n herlil sister.


I think hes right Miley Cyrus is starting to look like a little slut. And her so called father isnt helping at all. Parents do you really want you kids watch a 16 year old girl pole dance? She knows what shes doing shes probably already slept with that"boyfriend" of hers. Shes just going to end up being another britany spears.