Britney Spears, Adnan Ghalib Possibly Break Up

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Britney Spears has reportedly sort of dumped her celebrity news photographer boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, having grown convinced he was cheating on her.

But before she ordered Adnan from her home for, like, maybe the last time ever, she grabbed his iPhone and threw it in the pool, The Sun reports.

An insider said Britney and Adnan got into a fight after two video clips showing him out with mystery girls were posted on celebrity gossip blogs.

That's when Brit grabbed Adnan's phone and saw racy txt msgs. omfg wtf rotfl!

A source said: "There were about a dozen from one girl, all sent on one day. They were pretty saucy stuff, sexual references â€" not the sort you'd send to a friend."

Here's how the Britney-Adnan fight supposedly went down after that ...

  • Britney Spears lost her $h1t and started yelling.
  • She was demanding to know who sent the texts and shouting, ‘What's this about? You're cheating on me'.
  • Adnan Ghalib said the girl was just a friend, but Britney got more and more angry. Then she told him, ‘That's it. It's over'.
  • Just before she told Adnan to go, she snatched his phone and threw it in the pool in agner. He didn't even bother trying to get it out.

Insiders say Britney Spears, who was supposedly pregnant by this loser, is adamant that she's finished with smooth-talking Adnan, who was still with his wife, AzLynn Berry, when he started romancing the troubled pop star late last year.

The Sun reports Adnan Ghalib is not going quietly, and is wooing the singer to see him again with love notes like this one below. He wants her to come home to a milky bowl of soup, folks. We have no comment at this time.

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Hey Brit
I don't know if to feel sorry for you anymore! You need a guy who really really cares. There is no such guy because you're not an ordinary woman. You are a celeb who the entire world talks about. Guys that hang out with you are after your money or your fame. Be wise, show the world whom you truely are, the teenage queen. Be a role model to the young girls and grow up! You don't need a guy in your life, you need affection from your family and their support. You need your kids and they need you.


Trust me, this is not written by is not his handwriting and he always signs his name "AD" in love notes....I recieved plenty during our time together....however, he does us "Bebe" in the place of Baby.


I think this guy is just trying to get media's attention. -armine


"what a loser" brit get real hes another one after ya money get wi sum1 whos your equal and get off the drugs and concentrate on your kids instead of playin around wi stupid men like the idiot your wi now sort ya sen out girl get wi your family or sumone you can trust go away for a while sort your head out "take the advice" even his family have told you that hes a smooth talker and fame hungry and dnt have anymore kids concentrate on the ones you have already cos every child needs a mum put them first n get out of self pity mode n start fightin ur addiction no one cn help you but yourself so do it for your kids xxxxx


Wow, I always thought of Britney as a cool, collected and rational person. This is so out of character!