Report: Britney Spears is Pregnant** and Adnan is Father

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** - Said report comes from Star Magazine.

In the exciting world of celebrity news, you have sources that are at least somewhat believable, and then you have Star, In Touch Weekly and OK! Magazine.

Our point? There's celebrity gossip, and there's making up blatant lies, which is somehow not illegal. We've got to meet Star's legal team someday.

Anyway, according to Star, which already claimed Britney and Adnan married in Mexico, Ghalib is now bragging that she is going to have his baby.

The evidence: The pop princess' belly is bulging. OMG it's true! That can't be from sucking down pork rinds and Starbucks lattes all day long or anything.

"Britney is Adnan's dream come true. He knows that if he has a child with Britney, he'll be made for life," a friend of Ghalib tells Star.

But while Adnan may be pumped up, Britney's parents are not.

Father Jamie Spears has tried hard to stabilize his eldest daughter's life and the last thing he and her mother, Lynne, want is another grandchild. Casey Aldridge already assured they'll be getting another l'il mistake in 2008.

"Her parents know she can't handle more children," says a family source.

Well, they probably didn't make that quote up at least.


Perfect work!


ithink that britney should go back with kevin federline


hi britu i love u so much
iam happy for this news


people need to leave britney alone. just because she is famous does not mean we have the right to judge her decisions. i know many people who have had similar experiences and it doesn't make her or them bad people. life happens. then you deal with it. she needs someone to help her that isn't going to just use her. i think that is her main problem. everyone is out to get something from her.


britney spears is pregnant agane she should not have it bc shes a bad parant i'm 15 and i am a beter parant then she is i baby site my sisters and there2 years old / and 1 years old so if shes going to have it she beter be different and start being there for her kids thats all bye. ps:: i was her bigest fane but she so different so all the stuff i have of her its in the garbege.


if the girl is pregnant, so what? people out there with all the nasty better than thou comments should take a look in the mirror, grow up..........................


SHE SUCKSSS!!!!!!!!!!!


does she have to go this far to gain more fame..haha maybe she wants to be remembered like princess diana or marilyn monroe when she dies.damn! But that aint happening..


OMG probally not true at all!!!

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