Robbie Carrico Wigs Out

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On American Idol last night, Robbie Carrico was pretty much called a fraud by Randy Jackson. The show's resident dawg of a judge referred to Carrico's attempt to rock out with:

I don't know if the rock thing is really, really your thing... [Your voice] doesn't have enough grunt to really be like a rock voice...

We can only imagine, therefore, how Jackson would respond to this news about Robbie's attempt to be a hardcore rocker: he wears a wig!

According to TMZ, American Idol staffers are well aware of the fact that Carrico's long mane is as fake as Heidi Montag's breasts. There's just not much they can do or say about it.

In the end, a case of Robbie wigging out should have been expected long ago: he used to date Britney Spears.


so let me get this straight, he pretended to be somebody he's not just because he's going bald and had to wear a wig and everybody's ok with that? he's a POSER! he could've just gone with a short wig like all the other guys do, he didn't have to wear a long wig to look like a rocker! he's obviously not a rocker and doesn't have the voice for it either, he's still a boy bander!


HaHa he wears a wig!!!!


I think you are great singer and I could careless if you were a wig or not that has nothing to do with your talant; it doesn't take away from your being a real rocker and you what I think it's a bunch of bs when everyone know Paula's hair is extensions and half the girls on the show hair extensions. All I want to say is I stayed up and voted for you until 11:20p i just kept hitting redail and I don't see how it ended with you going home. I think you are really brave and such a great and yes REAL person for speaking out about male baldness. I give you a quote I love "Some faces/heads are just too beautiful to be covered with hair". Look at Daughtry. Can't wait for you to release a album. Devoted fan.


I don't care that you wear a wig you were my favorite on idol and you will go somewhere with your music and I will be there to buy your first CD. Rock on Robbie!!!!


I could tell it was a wig.I was surprised about it when I noticed, but in the end who really cares? Guy or girl,a person should just look the way they want to as long as they feel comfortable doing it and it isn't hurting anyone.Nobody should care what anyone else is wearing,not wearing,or doing .The world is too hung up on celebrities and fashion.It is all just brainwashing.Just worry about yourself and what YOU like.If EVERYONE did that,the world wouldn't be so boring with the same hair styles and clothes out there,AND no one would have to feel they owe an explanation to why they wear a wig!


I would like to take this time to express my deep and thorough disappointment at not being voted to America's idol. Although it is a hard lesson for me to experience, I would like to state that I've never had a more enthrawling experience, filled with talented people who deserve nothing less than America's undivided attention and interest. Most recently, and because of the slanderous attacks I've faced due to my wig wearing, the reality of male baldness has become an issue that I've decided to devote my time and attention to. Please be aware that I will be devoting my energy and celebrity to greater issues that hold fast the character of American values. I'm hot-blooded, hot-blooded.


I would officially like to respond that I do wear a wig.


this guy from america idol wears a wig. show this artical to dad.

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