Fans Ridicule Tony Romo with Jessica Simpson Masks

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After many - including teammate Terrell Owens - blamed Jessica Simpson for his team's loss last Sunday, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo overcame the taunts of Carolina Panthers fans Saturday night and pulled out a win.

The Cowboys' 20-13 victory came despite thousands of fans wearing Simpson masks and blonde wigs, and after a week of controversy following the star QB's terrible game in Dallas attended by a pink-Romo-jersey-wearing Simpson.

ESPN says Simpson was present Saturday night but was not seen on camera. In a post-game press conference, Tony Romo discussed the Jessica drama.

"I just put tunnel vision on," he explained. "There's so many distractions. I felt like the important thing for my team was to get myself into football mode 24/7."

When asked if the attention and anger (jokingly and otherwise) from Cowboys fans directed at himself and Jessica Simpson had bothered him, Tony Romo replied:

"I try to just let it roll off my back. It doesn't really bother me, to be honest. But it hurts me when it hurts the people that are close to you. I thought that some of the journalistic integrity this week was poor in some ways."

Taunting Tony Romo, a young fan holds up a mask of Jessica Simpson, which looks almost exactly like her except that it can't sing or act. Come to think of it...

Last week, Tony Romo completed just 13 passes and threw three interceptions, the worst game of his career. Yesterday, the stud muffin completed 28 passes and threw for 257 yards and just one interception as Dallas improved to 13-2.

Jessica Simpson's professional performance so far this weekend has not been as impressive. Her latest movie, the romantic comedy Blonde Ambition, was released in just eight theatres and on its opening day grossed just $384.


jan wrote: romo had a great girlfriend who by the way coud sing. boy did he mess up . jessica does not even compare to carrie underwood And we all know singing ability is the basis for a strong relationship. Did it ever occur to poeple that maybe he and Carrie just didn't click? That maybe he and Jessica, even if she's not as good a singer, may have more in common and be more compatible?


romo had a great girlfriend who by the way coud sing. boy did he mess up . jessica does not even compare to carrie underwood


I'm not in show business, however, I have heard many of Jessica Simpson's songs, and they suck. I know talent when I hear talent, and she has none. Why do you think they cut her music off so fast when they played it at the Eagle game for a few seconds, it was terrible. The only talent Jessica Simpson has is showing off her breasts. Her father has to set up dates for her so that she can be seen in the tabloids. Dating a high profile football player is the only way she can get publicity. That is why her father set her up with Romo. Pretty soon Romo will find out that He is just another pawn in Joe Simpson't futile attempt to get his non-talented daughter attention and publicity.


Its not her fault he is easly distracted, he has been playing football longer than he has been dating her so he should be able to handle any kind of pressure even if it is his girlfriend watching on the side.


Looks like Tony has his head back in his professional life now he needs to get rid of the flash seeking has been and take care of his personal life

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