Vincent Margera Convicted of Sexual Assault

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 Vincent Margera - also known as "Don Vito" during his days on MTV's Viva La Bam - was convicted yesterday of two counts of sexual assault on a child.

The old, fat blob was accused of groping three girls, ages 12 to 14, during an autograph signing event last year at mall skate park in the Denver suburb of Lakewood. His defense?

That he was simply taking on the persona of the outrageous and profane Don Vito. How could he be punished for acting like a beloved character?

By that logic, can we pretend to be Tony Parker and not get in trouble for staring at Eva Longoria naked in the shower?

As soon as the guilty verdict was announced by the jury, the rotund Vincent Margera fell to the floor cursing and yelled, "Just kill me now!"

He now faces a sentence of probation to six years in prison on each conviction. After Margera's courtroom outburst, deputies restrained him and took him to jail, where he'll be held without bail until his sentencing hearing on December 20.

Vincent is the uncle of Bam Margera, who likely had sex with Jessica Simpson while she was still married to Nick Lachey.


What is wrong with you reporter guy. YOu should be removed from you position as a reporter. What does Bam Margera having sex with anyone have to do with what has happened to Don Vito. What happened to integrity in jounalism. There seems to be no Dan Rathers anymore, only leaches that feed off of other peoples misery and make a living at it. Its sick. Oh, by the way, Vincent was set up just like Micheal Jackson. He may be creepy but why after all these years of being Don Vito are these the only girls that said he touched them. As for the chick that got her face licked, well to bad for you, you were of age and knew who Don Vito was so get your grubby little fingers out of Vitos wallet because thats all you want is to be in the lime light and get your hands on some cash. Thats it. If licking your face was such a big deal, you would of reported it right after it happened and not waited until the other reports surfaced. FREE VITO.


like he said, people wanted to see the funny and outrageous character they were used to watching, I am in hos favor because there is no excuse to what they did to him, also what does bam having sex with jessica simpson have to do with this, it is incredible to how far you leeches can go just to make sure you get a paycheck.


What the hell? thats bull! what the hell did he do wrong?


dude what the hell does bam "having sex" with jessica simpson have to do with this story!? nice reporting.


Leave him alone , you say "The old, fat blob" What Kind of reporting is that???


This guy looks like my husband.


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