Bam! Jackass Star Admits to Doing Jessica Simpson

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Hey, remember when Jessica Simpson was an innocent virgin bride?

Yeah. Neither do we.

Black and White Jessica

Following 18 months of rumors that she cheated on then-husband, Nick Lachey, at least one truth has supposedly come out: Jackass star, Bam Margera, did indeed have sex with Joe Simpson's daughter.

On Howard Stern's September 19 Sirius radio show, the prankster came clean about the oh so dirty evening. He even named the date: April 11, 2005. According to Bam, Jessica took him back to her parents' home in Los Angeles' Encino area.

"We were just drinking margaritas and stuff, and you know, from there …"

When Stern asked how a nude Jessica Simpson looked, Margera profoundly responded, "good." 

When asked by a reported from Us Weekly how many times he, well, bammed Simpson, Margera said just once.

"It was when her parents were away and Nick was away. It's not a secret."

But it is juicy! Especially when Crazy Joe Simpson shot back that he wanted to "beat the crap out of people who say things like this." Hmmm ... doesn't sound like a denial to the staff of The Gossip. Aside from spilling the banging beans, doesn't even sound like Bam was that raunchy about the night of passion.

The same can't be said for Simpson, however. During a recent interview in Allure magazine, the former virgin wore a rooster pendant and joked: "I don't have a c--k at the moment, so I wear one around my neck."

Okay then. Here's some advice then: Pass around this Jessica Simpson picture and we're pretty sure a yacht load of c--ks will line up at your door shortly.


haha, too legit.


look, they are celebs they both look good, and what f&%$@ing celeb does not cheat?? if anything was stupid about what either of them did, it was to get married!!!lol other than that, go Bam!!! ur still and always will be my hero, and now that i know its true u got jessica simpson in thee ol sac, u improved even more.. lol and jessica, ur sooo hott!!!!


you people along with bam are pathetic lowlifes jessica would never have anything to do with scumbag bam he's a loser like you'all gossips hors are

@ david

Oh shut up at the time bam was making 3x more money then she was. She chased the dollar


jessica simpson is too good for the freak disgusting (bam) what a stupid name. he wishes he could have her in his dreams he is a skank and he will do anything for fame jackass is the correct name for the nerd he is. jessica can have any guy she wants so you all can eat your hearts out trolls. julia roberts is the one that steals married men


she cheated on nick...thats awful poor nick no one deserves to be betrayed like this...yet she had the nerve to be upset when nick was dating like 2 weeks after their divorce she banged a guy while they were if nick wants to date he may...she has no right to say anything since she was the one to cheat...what a whore, nick was a good guy and seemed like he really loved her she wont find love like this again and if she does...karma baby karma will bite you on your flat a$$, b@tch.


jess is a hoe bitch she maybe has aids!!!!!!!!


Dang that's just crazy!!!freakin wrong that slut hoe will i think bams hott!!!!!!


OoOoMg Bam nooo why u hve aids now (kdz) Jess is ok but bam shudnt hve done dat coz i mn hes mine and i love him he fukin hot wait where was i oh yea Well Jess is a bitch and she aint even that prettii no affense and poor Nick.. Well im glad him and Missy r togeata tho coz they r madass couple all t ho i jealous but oh well


i hate that slut(jessic simpson) i wont bam i love him he is so hot


i think it was a bit stupid what bam did because him and missy are great together but jessica is very lucky :(

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