Jan Adams: The Worst Doctor in the World

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Jan Adams is a worse doctor than Britney Spears is a mother.


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    Correction: The man who said Adams had a life-threatening illness was on Dr. Phil, not Adams himself.


    Does anyone remember when this quack went on Dr. Phil? Apparently, someone purporting to take Adams' side (I can't remember his name) said that Adams had a life-threatening illness, but that he couldn't talk about it.

    I also recall that after Adams was thrust into the spotlight, one of his patients remarked that he had lost a lot of weight, to which the doctor said "I'm dying". That was 4 years ago. Wouldn't we have heard about his death by now? Does anyone have anymore details about this? Something's a bit off. He likely lost weight due to anxiety after being caught, not from some vague terminal illness.



    I do not have sympathy for you or your sob stories. Your vanity and reckless approach to your insecurities are YOUR OWN FAULTS. If you try to look like someone you are not.. there is a decent chance you will not get what you want and possibly even become deformed. Plastic surgery is the most inane, foolish procedure anyone can do. I cannot believe I share a country with people who would opt for such miraculous stupidity. You almost DESERVE to learn this lesson the hard way for putting yourselves into harm’s way unnecessarily. STOP IT.


    My once beautiful wife's face was completely destroyed by the Evil and unethical Richard Ellenbogen of the show Dr. 90210. When she consulted with reconstructive surgeons around the country, she met numerous others who had also been mutilated and deformed by this reckless, greedy, monster.

    What people don't realize is that any quack can get on TV and on Oprah including Jan Adams, Michael Evan Sachs and Brad Jacobs -- all addicts who have finally lost their medical licences. Bad doctors often hire publicists to get them on TV and to get fame b/c that is really the only way for them to get patients. If you type Ellenbogen into rip off report.com -- you can see pics of patients he deformed


    I and many others vote for Richard Ellenbogen of Beverly Hills Body as the tie with Jan Adams for Worst and Most Evil Doctor in the Universe. Many of us were deformed and mutilated by Ellenbogen, the fame and money hungry quack who, in my opinion, is also an alcoholic/sociopath.


    i don't understand how a man can be so heartless about all the woman that he has hurt.


    I was a disafied patient from Adams if you contact me I will give the story, I have the documentation.

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