Lauren Conrad Possibly Dating Josh McRoberts

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Yesterday, we brought you photos of Lauren Conrad and her new mystery man and asked for help in identifying this tall, handsome devil. A couple of you think you have done it.

Rumor has it that Lauren's newest "accessory" is Josh McRoberts, a former Duke basketball standout chosen by the Portland Trail Blazers with the 37th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.

So far, photo evidence that Josh McRoberts is the fellow seen with LC is inconclusive. See the pictures below, of him playing Georgia Tech... and playing the field with our girl in L.A...

My, sports and celebrity gossip continue to intertwine. Although we're happy to be writing about a possible young romance for a change, and not the war or words / baby mama drama surrounding Matt Leinart and ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron.

Or the disgrace to humanity that is Michael Vick.

Anyway. College basketball fans may recall that despite his stature and natural talent, the 6'10" McRoberts was often thought of as a soft player at Duke... Lauren Conrad robably hopes he isn't a soft player when it comes to her. If you know what we mean!

Fans, The Hollywood Gossip needs your help. How do you know for sure that this is Josh McRoberts? We're obviously curious. Leave a comment with the info you've got - and help our eager celebrity news reporters be the first to get The Hills scoop!


I dont know what LC would see in a dude that got worked by every big man in the ACC for years UNC>DOOK


that is def. josh im a duke fan and i know


why's lauren hiding?
sure, brody's looking better but brody's past and whatever ... do it! i wanna see it on mtv :D


why are people so mean...its josh..and hes handsome....and a gr8 player


i went to high school with josh for three years. and this is definantely him. hes like ten times bigger in person (btw). cant forget a guy that big. ive heard theyre dating from one of his close family friends but who knows for sure.


well you guys obviously dont know josh mcroberts very well but this is def him believe me i am a duke basketball fan....this is him


he's from my hometown, and i know him incredibly well.
i know he's met her, but as far as he's told me, they've only been out once. and i'm not even 100% sure it was a date. mc's a sweet guy, but immature, i really don't see them as a couple, at least not a long term one.
mc's a sweetheart though, LC, so don't break his heart!


I went to high school with Josh McRoberts -- he was a year ahead of me, and I saw him every day in the halls (how could you miss him?). That is most definitely him!


I know Josh McRoberts. He lives in my hometown (Carmel, IN). All I know is that he has met LC, not necessarily that they are dating.


^ Honey, good one. He is gross.

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