Kellie Pickler, Fake Boobs, Dating Jordin Tootoo

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Love is in the air for past American Idol contestants.

We've already reported on the validity to celebrity gossip rumors that Carrie Underwood is dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Now, it appears as though Kellie Pickler is following in the Idol champion's dating footsteps: not only has she bagged a new boy, but he's also a professional athlete.

The country singer has reportedly won the heart of Nashville Predators hockey star Jordin Tootoo, admitting to Us Weekly that "we've been seeing each other since January, but we kept it under wraps."

This would mean that Tootoo has gotten a first-hand look - and feel - of Pickler's supposedly fake boobs. Perhaps he can now bond with Spencer Pratt over what it's like to fondle such enhanced cleavage.

The romance began when Tootoo invited the singer - who appeared on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show on May 14 and refused to confirm or deny rumors that she had the aforementioned breast augmentation surgery - to one of his games.

"I am this country bumpkin and he's an Eskimo," says Pickler, who plans to visit his central Canada hometown this summer. "I'm going to build an igloo!"

Well ... okay then.

In other Jordin news, Jordin Sparks sang like a true American Idol champion last night. Fans should prepare to welcome her to the winner's circle, to join the likes of Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, this evening.


I say Jordan TooToo, Carey Price, Johnathan Cheechoo are the best hockey players ever, Give them A chance to prove themselves, Leave the girls out of it, they are just trouble right now


i think the girl is mad that tootoo cheated on her becouse she fake and she had low selfasteam she had to get a boob job


fuck look at this chick fuckn nice i would be all over her tootoo is lucky


Every ones boobs are fake!!


I like them. Nice RACK!


Okay, if she is going to the North in the summer, she is NOT building an igloo! it does not have snow and ice 12 mths a yr... learn some geography~ makes a Cdn. embarassed


OKayy. Here's the thing.....I LOOOVVVEE Jordin Tootoo more than anything in this world. I talk about him all the time and knoww alot about him. I don't think that Kellie deserves him. I agree with Megan she's a slut & a ditz. I really just can't stand her. O and her boobs are obviously fake. I DON'T LIKE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!


ok listen guys i dont mean hard feelings but this article is so true!!!!!!i mean look her on american idol then look at her now...ya everyone goes from a 36a to a d after they go on tv show.i mean look at carrie and the other kelly.ya i dont think girls even the most talented ones can grow boobs that fast(we all wish).she maybe bubbly but shes a ditz and a slut.sorry but its the truth i SO would not get a boob job when i am in the public eye.thats just dumb cus she NOS she is going to get questions...again the ditz factor comes well for the slut...hav you seen some of the pics on her myspace!esp. the ones with that top that looks lik some lingerie from wal-mart.sorry girls but you need to get some common scence.but she can sing i'll give her that


I'd pickle the Pickler.


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