American Idol Agreement: It's Jordin Sparks

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Blake Lewis, you seem like a very nice guy. And you'll beat box your way to a successful music career, we have no doubt.

But after last night's American Idol performances, it's apparent that Jordin Sparks is simply a much, much better singer. Here's what a slew of insiders had to say about the results:
Simon Cowell (to Jordin): You just wiped the floor with Blake.
USA Today: Jordin Sparks can handle a saccharine ballad with ease, and even threw in a little extra artificial sweetener by sobbing a bit to finish it up � but not before she had soared through the chorus and hit a crowd-pleasing glory note toward the end.
TV Guide: Jordin�s slated for the big win. That�s my story and I�m sticking with it! Jordin is my pick. After all, it is a singing competition.
People magazine (on the final song:) [Jordin] just stood there, opened her mouth and out came beautiful music colored with emotion. She somehow infused the song with radiance and strength.
Opinions haven't been this much in agreement since readers spoke up in support of Greg Laswell. Or against Tameka Foster.
So tune in tonight to American Idol to witness the deserving coronation of Ms. Jordin Sparks.


I saw the same thing live. Then, I went back and sure enough, NO MORE TEARS!! Go Blake!!


. AMERICAN IDOL FRAUD (AI is NOT Live) You write that Jordan cried at the end of her performance of This Is My Now. She did indeed. Now go back and look at the snips of that performance shown at the end of the show. PRESTO CHANGE-O! NO MORE TEARS. For those of you who recorded last night's show, replay it watching more closely. At the end of the show there are snips of Jordan's and Blake's performances. The snips are from ADDITIONAL performances of their songs. Live! MY BUTT. It's obvious the producers picked witch performances they let the TV audience see. This WREAKS of vote rigging fraud. .

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