Classic Celebrity Pictures, Vol. 6: Katie Holmes

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The Hollywood Gossip lives in the present, bringing you the juiciest and most absurd celebrity news each and every day. But that doesn't mean there aren't days when we long for the past... the days when men were men, when the CW was still the WB, when Britney Spears wasn't married to that ass bag K-Fed and Lindsay Lohan was just a nice young actress trying to make it in this world.

The newest addition to our Classic Celebrity Pictures gallery is none other than the once-fabulous Katie Holmes. It seems hard to believe that the better half of TomKat and the mother of fake baby Suri was once the sweet, normal-looking girl who captured our hearts on the hit TV series Dawson's Creek. See below.

Nice Hat (NOT)!

Wow. Great stuff. We must bring back the real Katie Holmes! Leave us a comment using the link below if you want to join our campaign. Free Katie!


FREE KATIE can only become a reality if SHE wants to be freed; unfortunately SHE DOES'NT 'KNOW' THAT SHE 'KNOWS' THAT SHE WANTS AND NEEDS TO BE FREED FROM THE CRUISE~CULT!!! LOL.....RIGHT ON!
"No need to discuss muuuuch, just drop off the key Lee...and get yourself FREE!"


Normal? Katie was EVER normal? If she was normal she would not have bought into Tom Cruise and the "believed to be fake" and still unseen baby Suri. If the baby were real we would see it, and not the silly photos shown in one magazine. Anyone ever seen Katie carry a diaper bag? Katie and her "friend" Tom are NOT NORMAL.

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Katie Holmes Biography

Tom Kat Pic
Yes, that's actually Katie Holmes. KMart style! The former Dawson's Creek star is the current fashion disaster / brainwashed zombie wife... More »
Toledo, Ohio
Full Name
Kate Noelle Holmes

Katie Holmes Quotes

"Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience—in an instant you become strong. You have to be a little bit wiser; it's the most important job you have in the world."

Katie Holmes [on being a mom]

"As a woman, you make the transition from being singe to [being] a partner. I have a teammate."

Katie Holmes [on married life]