Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton: A Photo Retrospective

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It really is over: Harry Morton ended things with Lindsay Lohan late last week.

As the columnists and photographers from The Gossip deal with such a tragedy, we wanted to revist the summer of Harry and Lindsay. These celebrity photos truly do tell a thousand spoiled words ...


The annoying duo hung out at the Venice Film Festival. Shockingly, Lohan didn't win any awards there.

There had actually been rumors that Morton popped the big question. No, not whether or not Lindsay had eaten in six months; but if she'd actually marry him.

Ah, the good ol' days. We're not sure what turned to tide for Harry, but perhaps it was a Lindsay Lohan picture such as this. That girl is a mess. And her mom is nuts.


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lindsay es una genia y conharry hacen re linda pareja


Please stay broken up! Harry: Get to a doctor, fast.

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