Alexa Ray Joel, Daughter of Christie Brinkley, Will Release Debut Album Tomorrow

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The daughter of Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Billy Joel is releasing her first album tomorrow, T.H. Gossip has learned.

Alexa Ray Joel, 20, has quietly been working on her music debut, Sketches, which will be released through her own independent record label. Fans will be able to buy it from her official site, as well as download it from all the usual places on the Internet.

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You can already hear three of the songs on Alexa Ray's MySpace page. They include "The Heart of Me," "Come Home to Me Do" and "Sapphire Night." They are all bluesy pop numbers in which Alexa accompanies herself on piano. She may be more Melissa Manchester circa 1973 than Billy Joel, but you can pick up Dad's influence in her recordings just the same.

Alexa Ray is here to stay, and she's serious about her career. She joins a not-so-select group of second-generation pop stars like Julian Lennon, his brother Sean, Ben and Sally Taylor (Carly Simon and James Taylor's kids), the Wilson Phillips gang, Ricky Nelson's sons and Sting's son Joe Sumner.

Interestingly, most of those artists have opted not to sign with big record companies and instead put out their own CDs.

Of course, the tabloids will pour over Alexa's lyrics to see if there's anything about her mom's soured marriage to philandering architect Peter Cook, who is now separated from Brinkley after he did his assistant, Diana Bianchi, a year younger than Alexa Ray.

Regardless, something tells us that the message â€" if there is one (the sex scandal broke only weeks ago) â€" will be fairly hidden. The girl has more important things to sing about.

Like life! Go Alexa!


I cannot fathom why anyone wants her to be a carbon copy of her mom-- sutre she is pretty but Alexa is just as pretty-- different looking and that is what makes beauty have 32+ flavors like baskin Robbins ice cream!! She is a gorgeous girl-- -- she looks like Alexa and is absolutely unique and beautiful in many ways!! She also has a helluva voice!! I'll bet her parents are both beaming with pride!!
I wish you success being Alexa Ray!!


It is to me amazing that lightening has struck twice in the same place. Alexa Ray Joel appears to be a genuinely original songwriter with a unique and beautiful singing style. She can write and sing in multiple genres, which is reminiscent of her father, and she absolutely wins the hearts of those who meet her, which is not unlike her mother. Did you ever meet someone and want them to be successful. That's how I feel about Alexa Ray Joel. I want her to win! Joe Goyette


I absolutely love the song, "The heart of me". I actually found it by accident on Project Playlist and listened to it, because I thought it was a remake of a Grateful Dead song. It wasn't, but after listening to it, I discovered how beautiful Alex's voice is and wondered if she was related to Billy Joel, after seeing her name. That's where I found this site. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! You go girl!!!


Dear Alexa,you are an AMAZING artist! I ordered your cd last week as soon as I saw you on tv talking about it,I hope it arrives soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to get the lyrics,but I couldn't find them on line.Do you know where I could find them?
Thanks a lot and good luck!My family and I wish you an enormous success!
Take care! Jackie


I just would like to say that Alexa Ray Joel, has allot of talent from both parents. I'm looking forward seeing her next Friday evening in concert.
I feel that as a freelance photographer and know all the other photographers out there they should of let these people alone and respect their private lives.

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