Brinkley Home-Wrecker Just Wanted to Sing!

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Before she allegedly became a home-wrecker, Diana Bianchi just wanted to be a singer!

The 19-year-old, who began an affair with Christie Brinkley's estranged husband, Peter Cook, and ultiamtely caused the demise of the supermodel's marriage to the Long Island architect, harbored aspirations of becoming a singing star.

Diana Bianchi Picture

We highly recommend checking out some footage has of Bianchi from 2004, in which she performs Journey's "Open Arms" at an amateur night competition in the Hamptons.

"I'm a singer/pianist and I don't really have a CD coming out right now but I've been working around usually just places like these trying to promote myself and get people to know me," she said.

Well, it seems that she became a household name after all. Dreams really do come true!

As if Cook weren't getting enough bad press over this, Samantha Cole, yet another singer, recently came forward with similar claims of Cook's infidelity -- back in 1996, when she was also 19.

We don't know what to make of this. These chicks are not only borderline illegal, but they aren't even hot. What gives?

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July 21st is my bday


She is a delicious piece of ass.


She is a delicious piece of ass.


Let's be real, Peter Cook is a man, he thinks like a man, acts like a man, not with his brain but what's in his pants. I have heard Diana Bianci sing and play piano, she is fabulous! What a shame a pig like Cook has to tarnish that for her. Her talent and beauty will pull her through, she's strong, she's got alot of support from her family and friends.


Why couldn't Peter Cook keep his hands to himself or his pants zipped up?

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