Whoopi Goldberg to the Duggars: Stop Playing the God Card!

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Whoopi Goldberg laid the smackdown on Josh Duggar during a segment on The View today.

Naturally, the talk show host was steamed over Duggar having molested five young girls when he was 14 and 15 years old.

But Goldberg focused her wrath in this instance more on how the Duggar family has responded to the scandal: by mentioning God at every opportunity.

Following Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s controversial interview with Megyn Kelly, the comedian told the reality stars to stop “[downplaying”] Josh Duggar’s sexual assaults, "especially after what you guys have done in the name of Christianity and God to other people.”

Simply put, Goldberg reiterated: “Don’t bring up God. Don’t do it!”

Many have called out the Duggars for hypocrisy because they have dedicated a chunk of their lives to condemning the homosexual lifestyle as bad for children... while knowing fully well that their own child actually molested children.

Goldberg was disturbed by how the Duggars “play the Christian card," concluding:

"You can’t do that and talk about God forgiving people when you don’t have forgiveness in your own heart.”

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