Westboro Baptist Church Just Messed with the Wrong High School

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Oak Park High School 1, Westboro Baptist Church 0.

In the video featured here, we see the bigots from Westboro Baptist Church protesting the recent election of a transgender girl as homecoming queen.

But not long after these misguided Christians arrived at the school, carrying such signs as God Still Hates Fags, they were met by a counter-protest from students in support of Landon Patterson.

The hate group, which is based in Kansas, has previously picketed a Taylor Swift concert (labeling the singer a "whore") and even staged a rally at Robin Williams' funeral.

But watch this awesome footage to see Church members driven away by students chanting "long live the queen!" in honor of their chosen homecoming representative.

"This isn't just about supporting Landon, this is about supporting all our students," Christina Palermo, an organizer for the rally, told a local news outlet. "Landon is just their scapegoat. They're attacking everyone in the LGBT community."

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