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Lamar Odom has come out with a memoir that contains some bonkers revelations, from his drug use to his body count.

But one of his bombshells was his desire to get back with Khloe Kardashian now that her latest cheater is out of the picture.

Wendy Williams is all but ordering Khloe to keep her distance.

"He says he still wants to get back together with Khloe," Wendy reveals to her captive audience.

The booing that follows is deafening.

She adds: "He says he loves Khloe like no other."

"He says that you’ll have to talk to her about it," Wendy says.

"Khloe," Wendy instructs. "You leave that man alone!"

Lamar Odom Book

Wendy addresses a few other topics, including her personal fondness for Lamar.

"I don’t even look at him as a low down dirty dog," Wendy notes. "For all of the things he’s done to Khloe and the lies and things."

She also explains why she is speaking about the book herself instead of having him on as a guest.

"If Lamar [were] here," Wendy says. "I couldn’t sit back and judge him."

Wendy says that this is the case "because I feel bad for him. I’m scared for him."

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"I didn’t think that he and Khloe were a real relationship after only knowing each other for 30 days," Wendy recalls.

"But Khloe did love him," she affirms. "And Khloe put everything into him."

"Khlow, you know what? Take this the best way," Wendy says, offering some unsolicited advice.

She instructs: "This is not the time for Khloe to be feeling like: ‘Yup, I’ve got the snappin’ gyro and I cook well and he gets me.’"

Lamar Odom Has Made It

"No," Wendy says. "You get no points."

"It’s real easy to seduce a guy like Lamar," she adds.

That may sound unkind, or even like an insult.

But according to Lamar, there are about 2,000 women out there who would agree.

"He’s a real simple dude," Wendy adds.

Lamar with Khloe

"Apparently, what he wanted to do was get high," Wendy says of Lamar. "You know what I’m saying?"

"And," she adds, Lamar wanted to "have somebody take care of him."

"And that," Wendy assesses. "Does not give you points as a woman."

Wait, is gender now on a points-based system?

We joke — Wendy is explaining that banging Lamar or even marrying him isn’t exactly challenging.

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"It just gives you points as a kind woman," Wendy explains. "As a caretaker"

"And Khloe," she instructs. "Move on."

"Leave this man alone," Wendy demands.

Judging from their thunderous applause at this, it sounds like Wendy’s audience wholeheartedly agrees.


Interestingly, it was Lamar who humiliated Khloe, and even Wendy acknowledges that Khloe was loving and affectionate to him.

We’d never insist that Khloe is perfect, but it’s a little odd to see people act like she’s some lurking predator, ready to gobble up her ex.

Or … Wendy’s not a sportsball fan, but maybe her audience believes in the "Kardashian curse" for which Khloe and her sisters have been blamed?

Or maybe they just think that she’s bad news. That sounds a little unfair, right?