Lamar Odom: 17 Most Bat$hit Crazy Bombshells from His Memoir

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Lamar Odom may have played basketball for a living, but the former athlete clearly has some baseball in his jeans.

Because, boy, has he ever come out swinging in his brand new memoir!

The ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian has been all over the news of late, talking up his first-ever memoir, "Darkness to Light," and nearly making the Internet explode in the process.

Odom has been dropping alleged truth bombs left and right, from his days as a serial cheater to his extreme drug abuse to his... attempted murder?

Yes, it's all here.

Scroll down and prepare to be shocked by the craziest things Lamar has written in this book.

1. Darkness to Light: A Memoir

Darkness to Light: A Memoir
It came out on May 28, the same day Odom appeared on The View and continued to promote the heck out of his book.

2. What Can We Expect From It?

What Can We Expect From It?
“His exclusive and revealing memoir recounts the highs and lows of fame and his struggle with his demons along the way to self-discovery and redemption,” a description for Darkness to Light reads on Amazon. “From the pain of his unraveled marriage to Khloé Kardashian to the harmful vices he used to cope — and the near-death experience that made him rethink everything about his life — this is Lamar as you have never before seen him.”

3. But What Can We REALLY Expect From It?

But What Can We REALLY Expect From It?
For all the tea to be spilled. Just consider the following reveleations from excerpts of Odom's memoir.

4. He's a Cheater!

He's a Cheater!
And not just with women. Odom nearly failed out of high school and confessed that he paid a pastor named John Massey Jr. $15,000 to change three of his failing grades to A's and B's.

5. How Did This Affect His Future?

How Did This Affect His Future?
The former NBA star also confessed that he “wasn’t a good test-taker,” so he arranged for someone else to take his SATs. When UNLV learned of this cheating, it rescinded his basketball scholarship.

6. He Was All About the Orgies

He Was All About the Orgies
Or at least he was one time at his Miami mansion in the early 2000s, writing of one party: "People were having sex in the pool, the Jacuzzi, on the lawn, in chairs, standing up against a heat lamp. … [The] party stretched into the wee hours, until every last fantasy had been fulfilled and every desire met."

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