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Earlier this month, Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty for her involvement in the college bribery scandal that shocked the nation.

Her husband, William H. Macy, was recently spotted carrying two extremely sad graduation balloons.

Wendy WIlliams is weighing in, shaming "crook" William for showing his face and "pushing this celebration in our face."

"So Felicity Huffman and her husband, WIlliam H Macy, are celebrating their daughter’s high school graduation," Wendy scoffed on Thursday.

After cackling, she notes that William was "spotted at the local grocery store … getting balloons."

"It was said in our morning meeting: ‘Why only two balloons?’" Wendy recalls. "What difference does it make? Why is he out of the house?"

"Why," she asks William. "Are you pushing this celebration in our face, you alleged crook?!"

"And then he goes and he picks up the cake," Wendy notes. "Why didn’t you have an assistant do this?"

"Everybody in the Hot Topics morning meeting aside from me and one other person said: ‘You shouldn’t even be celebrating this,’" Wendy reveals.

"You changed your girl’s SAT scores," she accuses. "It went up 400 points because of your cheatation."

"And now," Wendy notes. "You’re facing time in jail. And even though it’s not as much as Lori Loughlin, what you did was just as bad."

She points out: "You cheated all of our kids out of getting into school because your kid is taking up the room."

"Our kids," Wendy points out. "Are busy studying and doing the right thing. And you’re over there using your Hollywood money."

"Sophia graduates in a few weeks," Wendy tells her audience. "Should she be celebrating this? I say yes."

We agree. SAT scores have nothing to do with graduation, and there is also no evidence that she knew about a fraudulent SAT score in her name.

"Here’s how you celebrate," Wendy instructs. "You celebrate in your house with the blinds closed."

"You invite family members who are actually gonna come over," she says, and advises against guests who might share details with gossip sites.

"And you don’t do it outside," Wendy demands. "Where the helicopters are just looking."

"If I were the girl, I wouldn’t even show up to graduation," she states. "And mom and dad, you better not show."

"It’s clear to me that Lori Loughlin’s daughter knew about the cheatation," Wendy accuses.

She suggests that part of the scheme may have even been Olivia Jade’s, who was a minor at the time.

Then she returns to discussing the Huffman-Macy family.

"I would think it would even be awkward when they call Sophia Macy," Wendy suggests. "Boo!"

Wendy then ponders whether Sophia will take a gap year, since her family is rich and the scandal could die down.

It is Wendy’s advice that Sophia concern herself with optics and take measures to make sure that she is seen "eating humble pie."

"I think that she should not be denied going to college, though," Wendy emphasizes.

After suggesting that Sophia is probably "Hollywood fragile," Wendy then gets into why William has not been charged.

She notes having heard his voice on the recording, and even suggests that sexism may have played a role in him not being charged.

Our guess? Maybe prosecutors had a better case against Felicity. Maybe him not being charged was part of her plea.

The issue with this scandal is, first and foremost, that many of the children who benefitted from it probably had no idea.

Do you know how easy it would be for someone to have an SAT score that they never knew about? Incredibly easy.

Even the kids who knew what was going on (as Olivia Jade may have) were, you know, minors at the time playing along with their parents.

The suggestion that they be punished for their parents’ crimes doesn’t sound especially just.

For what it works, it’s reported that Sophia is putting her college plans on hold for the time being. So Wendy got her wish.