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Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian welcomed her fourth child, Psalm West. Baby #4 is keeping her plenty busy these days.

But Keeping Up With The Kardashians was filmed months ago, and at the time, Kim was more worried about Khloe’s drama with Tristan.

In this sneak peek for Sunday’s new episode, Kim confesses that she’s afraid that this very public scandal has been too much for her.

This clip begins with Malika Haqq walking down the hall to speak with Kim, who is lounging on a series of beds made to look like a giant couch.

"Going to Law school is a lot, a lot, a lot," Kim says, sharing why she’s feeling so tired. "But the baby is due in May."

"So," Kim explains. "I’m excited to get the break — the baby break — because you get to take time off."

Kim, who is worth a third of a billion dollars and could take any time off she wanted, is looking forward to an excuse to wear pajamas all day.

But after that brief preamble, this sneak peek klip for Sunday’s new episode gets into Khloe’s relationship drama.

"We had like numerous readings and they were all so weird," Kim recalls.

She shares an anecdote about herself that we’ll get into below, because her words about Khloe’s experience are a little more pressing.

"And then the last one told her that she has a lot of hurt in her heart," Kim reveals. "Because her guy has really hurt her."

"And," she adds. "She said that she’s been going back and forth and can’t make a decision in the relationship."

Kim continues: "and I so feel that."

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"I think I’m always concerned about Khloe," Kim admits during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip.

"Obviously, everything that they’ve been through," she expresses. "I don’t think you can just forget about it."

"Its definitely not easy when everything is so public," Kim points out.

Kim is no stranger to having personal drama play out in the spotlight.

Like Khloe, it’s defined her life for over a decade. It’s a huge part of her career.

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But she has a lot of confidence (konfidence?) that Khloe will continue to try to tackle her drama on her own terms.

"She definitely tries to handle it on her own," Kim observes.

"But," Kim says. "I just worry about her."

"As a best friend," she adds. "I feel like she can really open up to Malika, you know, spend some time."

Maybe. But some people are too embarrassed by personal indecision to open up, even to a best friend.

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Honestly, the funniest part about all of this is that Kim segues into this "candid" conversation by talking about their experiences with mediums in Bali.

She talks about how one reading that she received told her that she would have another boy — and that he would be her father reincarnated.

We have to wonder if Kim is going to spend her literal entire life wondering if baby Psalm is actually her father reborn.

Oh wait, maybe Psalm will see this episode one day, or at least hear about this reading from someone.

That would be a hell of a thing to grow up hearing.