Wendy Williams Shades Husband with "Jokes" About Being Poisoned

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Remember how police checked on Wendy Williams back in January out of real fears that she was being poisoned by her husband?

That remained a secret until very recently, and Wendy seemed to want to avoid addressing it.

Until now, anyway, because she's dropping "jokes" about being poisoned.

Wendy Williams Backstage

Wendy Williams spoke to the camera backstage on her show in a video shared to YouTube.

"The woman who won Eye Candy happened to have been the woman who gave me," Wendy begins. "Well now she told me they were cupcakes.”

“I saw on the box it said cupcakes from The Cupcake Man or something like that in Jersey," she adds.

"And," she notes, seeing htat label assured her that it was "a legit place."

"So," Wendy affirms. "I know they’re not poisonous."

Wendy Williams Talks Divorce

"So," she announces. "I’m going to share them with the crew…"

"After I take mine," she clarifies.

Well, they were for her.

"Just a few," Wendy emphasizes. "Just a few."

"I don’t want to pop a button by eating too many," she clarifies, while adding that it would certainly be fun.

Wendy Williams Poses

Now, maybe she was just making a joke about celebrities accepting food from strangers.

(There are thousands of trolls who love to hurt people's feelings; you never know what nut job would get a kick out of taking things further)

Maybe Wendy wasn't thinking about making reference to the suspicion that Kevin Hunter was somehow poisoning her.

But ... that would be an awful coincidence and more than a little strange.

Especially if you look at things from Wendy's perspective.


Think about this: for most people, police conducting a welfare check is a very rare experience, if it even happens at all.

So put yourself in her shoes: just months ago, while you were sick in bed, police came into your room and asked if your husband was poisoning you.

After some prodding, you told them that it was not true. The question upset you so much that you cried.

Then, months later, you announce that you're divorcing your husband. You've fired him from your show.

And then the police report from that welfare check leaks. You're a celebrity, so it's international news.

Whether the poisoning story was true or not, are you going to joke about "poison" without thinking of that?

Wendy Williams Set Pic

But Wendy lives a very different life than the rest of us.

Besides, even the police weren't sure that the caller was describing a traditional poison.

Some fans who read the police report speculated that perhaps the caller was alleging something a little more insidious.

As Wendy has announced, she was struggling with addiction and even went to live in a sober house.

It was suggested by fans that perhaps "someone" was feeding Wendy's addictive habits.

For example, if someone knew that their mistress' childbirth was about to blow up his marriage, he might prefer to become a rich widower thanks to a tragic overdose.

Wendy Williams with a Tear

Grim accusations like that can be dangerous, but the speculation is understandable.

There is a lot about Wendy's divorce that fans still don't know.

If the split has more to do with attempted murder than with adultery, that would definitely be eye-opening.

But for now, we just want Wendy and everyone else to remember that brand-made goods can be faked.

Anyone can buy a box of goods, taint or replace them, and present them as the real thing.

Tainted Halloween candy may be an urban legend, but controversial celebrities could be very real targets for some maniac. Maybe one close to home.

Stay safe.

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