Wendy Williams Scolds Both Kelly Ripa and The Bachelor: It's SO Stupid!

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This week, just in time for the new season of The Bachelorette, Kelly Ripa slammed the franchise as "disgusting."

Folks on The Bachelor side of things have fired back, but Wendy Williams has a message for both parties.

The show is not that serious, and this feud is stupid as hell.

Wendy Williams opines on Kelly Ripa Bachelor feud

For years, Kelly Ripa has ripped into The Bachelor because she thinks that it's just no good.

"I’m not a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette either," Wendy assures her audience.

In the episode that aired on Friday, May 17, Wendy makes it clear that she has no horse in this particular race.

"It’s so stupid," Wendy expresses.

She doesn't see the value in a franchise that is largely about "women parading themselves around."

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Like many before her, Wendy is equating The Bachelor to a sort of reverse auction, where a man simply picks his bride from an array of women.

But unlike Kelly, Wendy isn't shaming the fans of the series.

"It depends on who you are," Wendy admits. "What you want to do with your life."

"For me," Wendy shares. "It’s degrading."

For members of the Bachelor Nation, it's fun to watch. And for some contestants, it's how they've met the loves of their lives.

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Kelly has been making this same point, on the same network that airs The Bachelor, for years.

"So, this is not a new opinion of Kelly's," Wendy acknowledges.

"And, like she says," Wendy asks. "Why are we arguing over one guy?"

"Well, you know what?" Wendy explains. "It's just entertainment."

"It's not that serious," she expresses.

Kelly Ripa with the Tease

But there are two sides to this feud. Kelly is only half of the story.

"In jumps the fight with the host of The Bachelor and the Bachelor creator," Wendy says.

Shis is referring to Chris Harrison and to Mike Fleiss, respectively.

"They didn't like what Kelly said," she notes. "And they let it be known!"

Chris Harrison tweeted, warning the Bachelor Nation that "Kelly Ripa is coming for you and your 'disgusting' Monday night habit."

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It's entertaining to see the team behind The Bachelor use this little feud to promote the show, reminding fans of when it airs.

"Now, I'm thinking," Wendy says. "As the host, Chris should just stay out of it."

"And," Wendy suggests, Chris should just "be happy he's hosting a hit show."

That is probably true.

Remaining unbothered is often the key to happiness.

But, as we noted, this little controversy is drawing more attention to the franchise at just the right time.

THE Wendy Williams

Every time that this feud comes up, people are reminded of the new season of The Bachelorette.

That is probably why the network doesn't seem to mind Kelly, year in and year out, shaming the viewers. It's good publicity.

We don't know if Kelly is actively trying to help the show or just doing so by accident.

But they all get their names in the headlines and nobody goes to jail.

That sounds like a situation where everybody wins to us.

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