Wendy Williams Drags Rob Kardashian: Chyna is Still Winning!

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After Easter weekend's throw-down fight between Blac Chyna and an almost random stranger at Six Flags, Rob Kardashian worries that Chyna is too unstable.

Or that's what his lawyers are reportedly going to argue in yet another court battle to amend the custody agreement.

Wendy Williams, as you'll see in the clip below, thinks that this is hogwash and that Rob should just accept that he's lost and that Chyna won.


It might be an oversimplification to say that Rob worries that Blac Chyna is too dangerous to be around Dream.

Many believe that Rob's alleged push to set new rules on Chyna's behavior has less to do with fatherly concern -- Chyna was, after all, defending Dream (sort of) and there's no sign that Dream or King witnessed her stroller shenanigans -- and more to do with money.

Specifically, he's been paying her $20,000 a month in child support.

Some wonder if he's angling for a reduction in these payments, perhaps by claiming that Chyna isn't using those funds properly -- for example, she didn't pay for a VIP escort around Six Flags.

But it's been widely reported that Rob is planning on using this occasion to demand that Chyna not introduce Dream to any boyfriend of hers unless she's been dating him for at least 6 months.

Even though, as far as the Six Flags incident goes, Chyna's young, hot 18-year-old boyfriend wasn't the problem.

Blac Chyna Fight Gif

Well, Wendy Williams thinks that this is a bunch of malarkey.

She starts off her segment on Rob and Chyna by openly questioning Rob's parenting skills.

Mostly, it sounds like she's just body-shaming Rob ... and at times it sounds like she's implying that his weight makes him physically unable to act as a father.

(Point of order, folks: Rob recently showed off massive weight loss. That said, it's hard to see a realistic way that his weight, even in the past, would impact his ability to care for his daughter)

She also suggests that Rob might need a woman -- such as one of his maternally experienced sisters or his mother -- to tell him what to do in order to be the best parent for Dream.

That ... is something that fewer people find objectionable.

Wendy Williams in Black

Wendy gets into the six-month rule that Rob is rumored to be pushing to impose upon Chyna.

"Their relationships only last for six months," she exclaims.

She says that she likes that for more "normal" couples, in Hollywood or beyond. That seems like a common-sense policy, to keep children from growing attached to a carousel of short-term partners.

"That's what decent people do," Wendy continues.

After a pause, she follows that up with: "I'm not saying that Rob and Chyna aren't decent."

Isn't she, though?

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

Wendy then slams Rob for having hooked up with a stripper in the first place, and for her lacking a backbone.

In fact, it doesn't seem that Wendy has a very high opinion of sex workers of any kind, which is sad. That's a stigma that needs to end.

"You are stuck, Rob," Wendy says to the camera. "You are stuck with a stripper who is running circles around you."

Honestly, like many people, Wendy sounds impressed by how Chyna is perceived to have used Rob Kardashian.

"You know what? Chyna ... you're still winning. She's still winning."

It's possible that her winning streak will end in court after her Six Flags outburst, but that remains to be seen.

Rob Kardashian with Dream on His Birthday

Wendy also lays into Rob's sock line, talking about how expensive each pair of socks is and how she imagines that they would sell better under a couple of situations.

One, if Rob were to lower the price to, you know, a level that a person would be willing to pay for the novelty of Kardashian socks.

Two, if Rob were more like "the old Rob" (we think that she just means if he shed his excess weight), and stopped dressing like a "slob," as she terms it.

Specifically, Wendy says: "Nobody wants a sock after this slob!"

As unfair as it may sound that Rob needs to dress nicely and improve public perception if he wants his socks to sell better, that is usually how a personal brand of clothing works.

But a man of Rob's means can probably afford to get nice suits tailored to him, at any size.

And if Rob's having trouble budgeting it, we're sure that any of his sisters and certainly his mother would be thrilled to help him visit a tailor and tidy up his look.

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