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If Tyga had a theme song of the week, it might be NWA’s "F**k the Police."

The rapper is fired up at the LAPD for searching the SUV he was traveling in Thursday night.

The "Rack City" lyricist posted a pic and a video to Snapchat of the incident, calling the cops "the real crooks."

Tyga car gets searched by cops

In the video (below), officers are seen searching the SUV as Tyga snaps.

Police told TMZ that Tyga’s team contains some known gang members, so they sent officers to investigate when they heard the rapper had a show in Hollywood.

Unfortunately for the po-po, the only thing they found was a gun that belonged to a bodyguard, which was licensed in a different state.

The weapon was not loaded and no other violations were discovered, so the crew was off the hook.

Police had told Tyga he was not under investigation and could leave, but he opted to stick around to document the incident.

The Instagram account @tygasnaps, which reposts Tyga’s Snapchats, posted the video he recorded of the search and included a caption attributed to the rapper:

"TMZ got the [police emoji] believing everything they read to looking for [gun emoji] S M H " -@kinggoldchains"

This isn’t the first time this month Tyga has lashed out at TMZ.

Earlier this month, the site broke the news that Tyga’s Lamboghini was about to get repossessed for failure to make payments, but he called the story bunk.

"I sold my lambo aventador & Bentley mulsanne over a year ago. I got a hurracan Rolls Royce and Ferrari nice try @tmz," he tweeted.

Some say where there’s smoke there’s fire, but so far Tyga’s been adept at extinguishing any flames.