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The father featured in the following video has given an entirely new meaning to The Force Awakens.

He opens the footage by explaining that the house is asleep and that his plan is to wake up his son the following morning… while dressed as the epitome of evil.

Darth Vader.

What does he need to accomplish this hilarious goal?

Black pants. Black shoes. Black gloves. A black cape. A black long sleeve shirt. And shin guards.

Oh, also a shoulder pad. An imperial jock strap. A two-piece helmet. And a light saber.

And his wife’s permission, of course. That’s the most important thing of all.

Seriously, this guy is NOT messing around.

How does little son Sebastian react upon being awoken by Darth Vader?

He’s confused at first. But it doesn’t take him long to grab his own light saber and begin to fight…

… until he then grabs a couple books and insists on just sitting and reading with Darth Vader.

Which we guess it’s pretty brave when you think about it. And definitely adorable.

This is easily one of our favorite videos ever.

There’s a reason why it’s been viewed well over one million times.

See for yourself now: